37 weeks + 4 days

I'm cherishing whatever time is left with this girl as our only child. All the feelings.. I has them. I'm an emotional wreck!

She's so excited for what's to come - and I love seeing her interact with my belly, and tell everyone all about it. But she has no idea how much her world is going to change - and let's face it, neither do we. This is BIG.

For three and a half years, she's been our whole world. For a very large part of that, she was very well going to be it - not for lack of trying, but just because of the heartache of infertility and pregnancy loss. Getting to the stage where things looked good, where we could share the news of a sibling with her - that was a magical moment. Magical, but scary.

I always wanted children close together in age, and it was one of the things I really struggled with after we miscarried Noah - they would have been two years apart, almost to the day.

Now though? I'm grateful for all the time I've had with this little human - who's growing up so much every day. I've had three and a half years of firsts with her, and those are things I'll never forget.

The last few days, her personality has shifted a little; she's over-excited, acting out a bit, just not her usual self. My mum tells me that was something that happened with me as a child just before my brother was born - that they sense that something is changing, and get a bit overwhelmed.

I hope that while her world is rocked, it's rocked in a good way. We'll all be learning together! :)

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Unknown said...

She is so gorgeous! I am sure she will be a great big sister.

Sarah said...

I am only a few days ahead of you, and my son has been acting up the last few days too – he is younger than Georgia, but they can definitely sense there's something going on. His change in behaviour is that he just wants to be cuddled, only by me, all the time. So I'm cherishing it for the last few days/weeks we have until #2 arrives!

mary ann said...

Can you get Daniel Tiger there? Those first few episodes after Margaret is born really helped my big kid understand about life with a new baby.

Nellie said...

Hello Aly, just wanted to wish you all the very best when your new little lady arrives. I have a 10 year gap between my 2 boys (not from lack of trying) and one of the main things that I was focused on was to always acknowledge my DS1 and trying to involve him whenever I could. I always made sure I continued my kisses & cuddles, even though at times my attention was on DS2. Family & friends were also mindful to include DS1 and for that I am grateful. I think it's only natural for an older sibling to feel a little jealousy but hopefully it only lasts for a split second.

I don't think I know anyone who has had to overcome so many challenges as you have in your journey for a second child. You are an inspiration to others and a reminder to never give up hope and always believe in miracles. You're a strong woman and I know you've mentioned how lucky you are to have your husband and your daughter, but they are also just as lucky to have you too.

Robin said...

Are you going to have an October baby after all? So exciting. My oldest has adjusted marvelously to being a big sister. We never really had any growing pains, though I know they are common and normal. I followed the advice I saw on HB to always go to DD1 first when possible in cases where both girls needed me, and I think that helped. I really try not to say "no because DD2 needs XYZ"... I don't want her to be resentful. I also try to make sure to tell DD2 things she is too young to understand if I think they might benefit DD1... like DD2, you need to go to bed first because your the youngest. DD2, you have to wait, it's DD1s turn. DD1 gets annoyed all the time when DD2 knocks over her towers, etc. but she also understand it's not intentional. She will sigh and say, "Ugh, well she doesn't know any better... or she's just a baby." Anyway, I'm totally rambling... I'm just excited for you to have 2 girls!!! I've followed you on WB and HB. -78h2o

Unknown said...

Hi lovely
I'm so pleased to read everything is going so well for you guys! Georgia has grown up so much! Looking forward to seeing pics when you're new little girl arrives xxx hugs Christina

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