Saturday in Bullet Points.

  • Our train link is down for the entire weekend (again!) leaving us with no other option but to walk. Luckily Jason did the shopping yesterday, because otherwise we would have had to carry it with us for the 25 minute walk to Canary Wharf.

  • Speaking of that walk, I did it three times today. Once in heels! My feet hate me.

  • Something is making my face break out into red, patchy blotches again, with some non-pimply lumps. I wish I knew what it was, because I look like a freak.

  • My car back home was finally sold - meaning I can actually afford to shop in the USA. (Hoorah! Watch out bargain outlets, here I come!)

  • I found the most awesome smelling underarm deoderant spray, and it makes me want to randomly sniff my pits. And then make Jason smell them too.

  • We added a mixing bowl and a wooden spoon to our teeny tiny stash of kitchen utensils, which has made me tremendously happy.

  • What doesn't make me happy? I forgot to do my own bloggiversary post! I'll save it for a rainy day, which according to the weather forecast will be tomorrow.

  • Oh, but I finally saw Juno! And cried like a baby, because that's just how I roll.

  • We went to a really flashy restaurant tonight and paid way too much money for dinner. Beautiful location though, with river and city views. Gorgeous.

  • It's my daddy's birthday today. (Well, it was technically yesterday if you look at it in Australian time.) Happy birthday, my one-finger-typing father!

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Marie said...

Sounds like a good Saturday! I've pretty much spent it being a lazy blob. It's how I roll sometimes.

Juno was definitely a good movie. Did you tell Jason that he's totally boss and the cheese to your macaroni?

Jessica said...

I liked "Juno", but I wasn't crazy about it. I saw "The Kite Runner" last night- great movie! I wish I would have read the book first though!

And happy birthday to your one-finger-typing father! My dad is the same way, he just pecks at the keys.

Megan said...

I'm pretty sure my dad types with one finger as well. :)

I enjoyed Juno. I cried, too.

~Mum~ said...

hey .. c'mon now - he types with TWO fingers !!!! one on each hand

isn't juno about teen pregnacny ? i was a bit sus about that

Julz* said...

happy birthday dad! :D

I loooove Juno! So cute!

and yay for spending money for the US :D

Teacher A said...

I finally saw Juno today, too! Isn't it sweet?

Kelly said...

Hey! My car sold too! Wooohoo! How's that for timing. Bet you got a lot more for yours than I did for mine! :P

LaLa said...

Ahhh! the red skin! Two of my friends got that in the UK and they both had a similar complexion to you. From memory it's from the water. What skincare are you using?

kirby said...

Happy Birthday Mr Aly's Dad!

I loved Juno. I think it's one of those movies I'll have to watch repetitively in order to catch up on all the clever wordings in it... they talked fast.

Angela said...

I cried during "Sea of Love".

Leslie said...

What brand is the deodorant? (What fun! Pit sniffing! Hot damn!)

Jacinta said...

My Dad is a one finger typist too (like your Mum said though, one on each hand). His fingers are just to clumpy for the keys and there are often a few keys pressed by mistake!
To his credit, he manages to write the funniest emails which are just like listening to him talk.

ashley said...


Looooved that movie, I just rented it last week. I cried as well.

The soundtrack is amazing. Get it, now. :)

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