Better Together.

This coming Monday marks Jason and my anniversary; we've been together since September 21st, 2002. I'm just going to pause for effect and let you do the math.

Right. Back to the whole anniversary thing.

Since weekday mornings are always busy, with both of us shuffling around in a whirlwind to be out the door and off to work, I decided to give him his goodie bag of presents early. We're not hugely traditional anniversary types, but since I had the best gift of all six weeks ago, I wanted to surprise the boy with a little something of his own.

It went a little something like this:

A: Can I please give you the present yet? Please, please, please. OPEN IT!
J: [Opens the bag of presents]

Edit to add: Can you tell that I'm really fun to open presents with at Christmas time?
J: [Backtracks and fishes around for the card.]
A: [Sits back smugly, waiting for him to finish reading her mushy message.]
J: We haven't been together for eight years, have we?
A: Honestly! I think I know how long we've been dating, Jason.
J: Err, no? I really don't think that it's been eight years.
A: [Starts counting backwards.]
A: Oh. Shit.
J: [Laughing smugly.]

... Oops?

Ahem, so anyway, seven years later, here we are! Heading into our eighth year (HA! EIGHT! SUCK IT, JASON!) and with so much to look forward to.

It's always better when we're together.

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Viviane said...

Happy anniversary to you, Aly & Jason!
You know what's funny. When you said 'you do the math' somehow I ended up with eight years as well! Haha, I must have read 2001 or something. Too funny though, because that was before I read the rest of the post.

heidikins said...

Happy Anniversary!! 9-2=8 in my head--you win. ;o)

Congrats again to you and Jason! Love ya doll!


Becs said...

Wow! Happy anniversary!!!

Kelly said...

Want to know a bit of trivia? Matt and I have been together 3 and a half years this month - exactly half you guys! Heh.

By the way, I also insist on cards being opened before the pressies. That's the way it's supposed to be!

Britt said...

I'm a card nut too :) Happy anniversary!!

downhomegirl said...


I do the card thing, too :)

kirby said...

ahahaha.. dork.
you've pulled that 'OPEN THE CARD FIRST' thing with me too...

jenny said...

Congratulations on your oncoming eighth year together! Dion and I just celebrated our third anniversary today . . . it's amazing how time passes.

LiLu said...


*heart melts*

Jess said...

Haha adorable. Happy anniversary!

Ree said...

Congratulations you two. Mr. Hot and I will celebrate 19 years together - 18 married NEXT Monday!

katelin said...

aw congrats! you two are too cute. happy anniversary!

Lexi said...

Oh I've done the same thing! Whenever someone asks me how long I've lived in DC, I reply with "oh, about four years," until I am reminded that it's been five years. Crazy!

Photography porn reviews said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you will have happier years ahead of you.

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