Make It Mine.

Today ...

I snagged a seat on all four tubes I caught.

I asked for a pay increase, based on what I thought I was worth.

I had several lengthy conversations with the cat, mostly regarding food.

I rowed 5km at the gym.

I stood up to someone bossy at work and ended up receiving an apology.

I kissed Jason in the rain, while getting completely drenched.

How was your Tuesday?

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Jess said...

This sounds like a great day! Mine has also been lovely though a bit more low key.

I hope you get that raise!

Britt said...

Kissing in the rain. So sweet :)

My Tuesday was busy! Too much working, not enough resting!

downhomegirl said...

Awesome day! Kissing in the rain is great :)

My Tuesday was much, much quieter. Watched a film and played with the dog :)

kirby said...

I rode my bike about 8 kilometres. I just about died. Incidently, today I rode 10 kilometres and it hurt so bad.

I got my tax refund! Hooraaaah!

Kelly said...

You? Totally rock! Own it!

Blanche said...

Your Tuesday totally took mine, bounced it around a few times and slam-dunked it directly into a trash can. (Well, not really, but yours was still better.)

Emilie said...

Good for you Miss Aly!
Kissing in the rain is adorable.

Paula said...

Your Tuesday was far better than my Tuesday, that's all I can say!

Hopefully the rest of your week has been too!!!

Kate said...

Wow- you ROWED 5k! NICE!

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