That's The Way I Like It.

I have a love/hate relationship with getting my hair cut.

On the one hand, I love (love) having my hair shampooed, massaged and brushed. Some people pay for a full body massage; I'd pay someone to brush my hair for an hour. Really. I also love how soft my hair feels once it has been professionally cut and blow dried. Why doesn't it feel that way when I do it myself?

On the other hand, I've had some horrific hair cuts too. I don't have difficult hair to cut, really. It's straight. It's long. It's pretty boring. Yet I've had some shocking cuts, terrible layers, and scarring experiences that have left me dreading having to visit again. I may have also cried. They were tears of pure horror.

Getting your hair cut in the capital is not cheap. It's a bit of a splurge actually. I usually put off going.. but decided to do it this morning, while walking past a random salon in North London during my lunch break.

I should add that I have this irrational need to please my hairdresser, no matter where I'm going. It sounds a bit mental, but I always tend to get the same comments when I visit. 'Wow, your hair is so endy/fine/fly-away', 'Do you colour your hair? It's quite dry', and 'I think we'll need to take a good few inches off it to make it even'.

All of these comments drive me crazy. I can't help it! I have long, endy hair that splits in about three seconds. STOP REMINDING ME. I KNOW.

Today was good, though. She commented on how healthy my hair was, made me quite relaxed and once she found out I was engaged, was giving me hints and tips on how to style my hair for the wedding. (For the record, I'm still clueless.)

And the best part? It seems the remnants of my layers-from-hell are finally, years later, grown out - leaving the back of my hair all the same length. It's bliss, bliss I tell you!

You can tell Oscar is pretty darned impressed with my hair. Or just dazzled by my blinding purple pyjamas. I can't decide which.

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Nathan Pralle said...

I've always thought your hair was gorgeous, no matter how you had it. Some people get all the straight, pretty gold hair. Lucky you! :)

Emilie said...

Oh Oscar, what a priceless face!
Your hair is beautiful, Aly. The perfect color.
And I love the purple! It matches beautifully with your hair :)

heidikins said...

um, sexxy pj's!

Oh, hair. The hair. It's stunning, thick and long and perfect. Love it!


Katie said...

Your hair looks awesome! I love how my hair looks and feels after a trip to the hairdresser too - you always feel so pampered and pretty!

TeacherA said...

Yeah, one wouldn't think haircuts would be so difficult for people with straight hair, but they are. That's why, now that I've found a place I like, I continue to go there even as I move further and further away.

Leslie said...

Oscar is obviously stunned by the sexy!

Britt said...

Ugh! I have the layers from hell right now. I left the salon feeling more scraggly then when I went in! It was terrible. I'm putting it off til I can grow out my layers so my hair will be as pretty as yours!

kirby said...

you are much braver than I am to put a picture of yourself in your jimmy jams up on the interwebs.

I like your hair. Mine needs to be cut before I go away, but I don't want to do it! I might put it off...

Allie said...

I always always wished for long straight hair like yours. My hair has other ideas.

Yay for all one layer again! I know how hard it is to deal with not liking a cut and having the effects last for a very long time.

Operation Pink Herring said...

I am shocked that you have trouble with your hair. It always looks so nice!

That Oscar is one handsome fellow.

Julie said...

I love having my hair brushed also- Seriously.
We should go into business together because I think alot of other people do too.

Anyway- I just got my hair cut also and it is SUPER EXPENSIVE. WHY? WHY DOES IT COST SOOO MUCH!!

Jess said...

It looks awesome! Good work!

Also, I looove hair brushing, scalp massages, etc. So lovely!

Kelly said...

I, the long standing supporter and wearer of short hair, may just have to shave your head and make a wig for myself.

Am very jealous.

Hi Oscar!

Sheltie said...

Your hair is stunning on that picture, but I like the light, colours and background also! ...and Oscar of course. :-)

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