Spin, Spin Sugar. (Or, That Time I Puked After My Spin Class.)

Yep, you read that right.

Following on from yesterday's random moping, what I neglected to mention was that I'd already made my mind up to visit the gym first thing in the morning on Monday. I'd also secretly decided to try the 7am V-Cycle Spin class. I usually avoid the spinning studio at the gym like the plague because holy crap, the people in there are all so fit and healthy and beautiful, and I get tired bike riding for five minutes, let alone forty-five minutes, so how on earth could that combination possibly work!?

<deep breath>

Anyways, I pried myself upright at 6:30am and tottered along to the gym, and bit the bullet and signed my name to the timetable. I sat in the change rooms for five minutes freaking! out! and then went and found myself a nice, dark corner in the studio, where I sat free cycling for another five minutes, still freaking! out!

Fit people wandered in and found their positions, and I was already sweating away in my little corner. The instructor asked if there were any newbies in the room, so I waved my arms around and she came and adjusted my seat and bike for me, but then basically left me to my own devices for the class.

So, here's my verdict - which will quite possibly change in the future, but stands true for the time being. It's also coming from an overweight and uncoordinated non-cyclist, if that makes a difference.

Spinning HURTS.

(I know, who would've thought, right?)

I'm hurting in the most random of places. Places I didn't even know existed are hurting, and in very, very awkward spots. It hurts me to bend, sit, walk, turn my head, and brush my teeth. My thighs, oh my god, I can't even explain. But I suppose that means I was doing something right in the class, because hoo boy, am I feeling the aftermath.

The V-Cycle was tough, even though I hardly touched my resistance the whole class and focused mainly on breathing and getting the positions right. The first half of the class I felt completely out of rhythm; my speed was lower than everyone else's, my feet felt a bit numb in the pedals, and it was all out of whack. I really did doubt that I could do the whole class at the beginning. (Note to self: just because you choose the darkest corner of the room, does NOT necessarily help - in fact, I found myself trapped in by more experienced cyclists and my path to the exit was blocked! Ack!)

During the first session of climbing and cycling intervals, I could hardly lift myself off the seat, and struggled quite a bit. I found I tended to get up and climb as much as I could, and then sink back down and just cycle my way through the rest of the class until the next set of repetitions. It was hard work, despite everyone around me making it look effortless.

The speed sessions were much more enjoyable - I quite like being able to put my head down and burst into action for a few intervals. I found that much more bearable than the climbs.

Unfortunately it was during these sessions half way through the class that my nether regions started to feel the burn, and not in a good way. What starts as an irritation, turns into a dull ache, turns into a sweet Jesus, I can't sit down ever again. It got to the point where I was actually looking forward to the climbing, because at least it means I wasn't sitting down. That's when you know things are steadily going downhill.

I finished the class completely drenched in sweat, but quite pleased I had gotten through it. We cooled down at a slow cycling pace, followed by stretches, and I headed up to shower afterwards - which is when I got hit with the nausea. That wasn't pretty. I'll leave it at that. But interestingly enough, I felt fine straight after? I'm not sure if it was the intensity of the workout, the fact that it was an early morning workout on an empty stomach, or a mixture of things, but it wasn't the greatest.

The spinning certainly left me wide awake for the rest of the morning, and it wasn't until about 4pm that I started noticing the after effects. It's now 10pm, and I can hardly walk. My work colleagues assure me that it gets better, that my body (and butt!) will become accustomed to it, but the thought of doing another spin session in the next week is slightly horrifying. I think I'll wait and see how I feel, before I try it again.

I'm not sure if it's for me, but I certainly have a lot of time for people who do it constantly. It's one hell of a workout, that's for sure.

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Viviane said...

As far as I know nausea is a sign of overexertion. After you stop exercising, your pulse will take a while to slow down (and I think it actually goes up a little right after you end your exercise before it goes down), so I think that is probably why you felt nauseous after exercising. I would try to take it a little easier next time. but good on you that you got yourself to go to the spin class and didn't give up!

Jess said...

This sounds terrifying. I mean, good for you! For real I would have walked out the moment the burning started. Good for you for getting all the way through the class.

Britt said...

It really does get better, I promise. My butt was numb for a few sessions when I started spinning (or cycling in general for that matter) but it gets better. Don't forget to stretch really well after! It will help with the soreness :)

I'm so proud of you for sticking it out! Drink more water next time! :)

TeacherA said...

Yeah, that's why I've got a nice pair of padded shorts for mountain biking. Still wind up with a sore rear when I haven't gone regularly, but it definitely helps.

downhomegirl said...

I know the "dear god, please let there be a climb soon so I can stand up" feeling well :) I got the nausea thing a couple of times, when I hadn't eaten in a while (lunchtime class), and it was hot- sports drinks before I went seemed to sort that out.

Raven said...

1) padded shorts are a must for cycling
2) this post is horrifying! I got nauseous just reading it!

Jenny said...

The ladyparts hurt the first few times you spin, but I promise it goes away after a while!

kirby said...

my butt hurts when I go bike riding. Nothing else, just my butt. I'm sure EVERYONE needed to know this.. but yeah. The horrid pain in my butt is the worst part. I like my bike riding. The massive hill along the M7 track seemed a whole lot easier today.

Becs said...

Wow. Good for you girl! Even if it's not your thing, at least you gave it a shot. I can run, sprint, walk, do the elliptical, dance, do yoga or pilates but I don't think I would be so great at the spinning class.

heidikins said...

Note to self: spinning is not for the faint of heart, stomach, or legs.


J said...

I can not tell you how many times I have almost walked out of classes -- and *especially* Spinning. I haven't been in years, I tend to just do BodyPump these days when I can be arsed, but the point is that I think for millions or more people this post was very familiar! However, you did *not* walk out (even if you had been nearer the door I doubt you would have) and you made it through.

Give it a few sessions, and when it hurts less you might become an addict. Or you might decide it would be more fun to ram splinters under your fingernails. But at least you tried it :)

terra said...

Have you seen the movie 'Run, Fat Boy, Run'? It's totally hilarious (if you like Simon Pegg) and one of best parts is when he tries a spin class...he tries to act all macho about it but is so whooped by it he falls down the stairs...

Good job on making it through spinning! I've always been afraid to try it!

Julie said...

I've taken a few spinning classes in my day.
And I have to say good job to you for getting through it.


The jelly legs feeling should pass soon though!

Kelly said...

It DOES get better, I promise. The worst thing you can do is try and go at everyone else's pace. Just go as hard and fast as you feel comfortable with. I'm still slower than a lot of other people, but I put the effort in as much as I can. You can only get out what you put in :-)

(And if you think your ladybits hurt, ask Matt why he'll never do a spin class again!)

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