Running Up That Hill.

I've walked around for the last week in a complete daze. Maybe it's because this time last year I was returning from six weeks of travelling, so I went back to work refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. This year I've worked the entire summer, and things aren't looking to be slowing down anytime soon. We're down a few staff members, so I'm feeling the burn. Hopefully the hard work will pay off, but it's hard to say in these times. If all goes well, I may have some good news soon.

I really shouldn't complain about feeling exhausted, though.

Jason is working in IT as a contracter over here, and August marked two years in London for him. Contracting work certainly has its downsides - the uncertainty of the markets and the lack of job security, and of course, not receiving holiday or sick pay. He's been quite lucky with his contracts so far, and is okay at this stage - but he's had to work damn hard for that luxury. The last three weekends have seen him working from home as well, never able to switch off fully. And the whole time he's been in the UK, apart from public holidays, he's not had a single holiday or sick day. The man is a trouper, and I'm so proud of him.

I'm hoping that things settle down in the next few weeks, because the constant burnt out feeling is getting draining. I'm counting my blessings to have a job, one that is actually quite enjoyable most of the time. And while my salary here isn't anything to write home about (and is actually less than what I would earn teaching back home) we are still able to live comfortably, with splurges here and there too.

I guess that's why I'm home on this gorgeous Saturday night. Taking a few moments to relax with the boys, to unwind and take a breather from the working week, and to be grateful for all of the things that I do have.

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Jess said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your time at home! It's important to unwind, especially when you've both been going full speed for so long.

Leslie said...

Unwinding is what I do best these days. Go ahead and unwind a little more - you deserve it.

Britt said...

Enjoy your time with your men!

Kelly said...

I need to unwind a bit too, but it seems I've forgotten how!

Also, it only just seems like you got back from your trip... not 12 months ago! Geez...

Jessica said...

I love your "mind the gap" in your header.. I thought that was hysterical when I was in London earlier this year. I mean, could they plaster it anywhere else on top of the robot lady yelling at you every time a train came through?

Did I take a picture? Oh, yes. I did.

terra said...

Unwinding on a weekend night and staying in always seem so luxurious to me. I cherish it so much when I curl up on the couch with my husband and furbaby and just relax.

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