'The List': It's Back

Back in 2007 (oh my goodness, was it that long ago?) with the help of a few good blog friends, I put together a list. It was originally meant to tide me over during that six months where the boy and I were in a long distance relationship - and it worked. It got me thinking and more importantly, got me doing

I've decided I need a bit of a kick start with the motivation again. I have the time now, yes, but that's about it - and I'm the kind of person that is my own worst enemy. If I'm not achieving things, or if I'm feeling let down, that's generally all it takes to push me off the bandwagon and have me throw in the towel as a result.

So, 'The List' is back. It's re-jigged a bit, but if you've been around for a while you might notice a few similar themes on there. It'll be a work in progress, and hopefully I'll be able to to cross a few off over the coming months. Feel free to send through any challenges you'd like to see me complete as well - I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Exercise at least 25 days of every month. I'm aiming to work out every day during the week, so that I can relax on weekends guilt-free. June: 0/25, July: 0/25, August: 0/25, September: 0/25. 

Have my eyelashes tinted. Since I have such pale lashes, having them tinted really makes my eyes pop. Last time I had them done, people really complimented my eye makeup - when I wasn't wearing any!

Visit the British Museum. Can you believe I've been here two and a half years and still haven't made my way there yet? That's what happens folks, you get lazy.

Go punting in Cambridge. Again, just another one of those things I haven't got around to yet. 

Visit Oxford. I want to see the buildings where the Harry Potter films were made.

Start de-cluttering our London apartment. We'll be moving home at the end of the year and you should see the amount of stuff we have accumulated since we moved here. I want to start cleaning out things we don't need, mostly clothing and books.

Watch three complete television series. I'm thinking the contenders will be Ally McBeal, Felicity and Alias since they are three of the box sets I brought with me.

Put together an outfit completely from a charity shop. Trickier than you might think; the plus size clothing on offer around here tends to resemble a tent, to say the least.

Walk across the Abbey Road zebra crossing. It's not that far from where I live.

# Learn a new skill. I'm thinking maybe calligraphy?

# Go fishing. No, really. 

Go down a dress size. It goes without saying, since that is the goal this year. Which leads to:

# Hit 95. Gulp.

# Hit 90. Where I was this time last year.

# Hit 85. Baby steps.

Hit 80. This is the lowest weight I reached back in 2007 after running for five months.

Hit 75. Wishful thinking.

Hit 70. This is my weight loss goal.

# Don't complain about anything for a week. Ha. Anyone who knows me, knows I will struggle with this one. I'm not that bad, I swear.

# Attempt at least one DIY Project. I don't have any resources here (oh, how I miss the stationery products in my mum's scrapbooking room back home) but a girl can try?

Read 20 new books. I'm a nerd. I can do this. 0/20

Go to a UK theme park. There are a few in England but require a day trip or two to conquer. I am going to see if I can find anyone to go with me, since theme parks on your own? Kind of sad.

# Give acupuncture a try. So, I'm scared of needles. But I've heard it can be good for regulating hormones, infertility and also as a stress reliever - I'll try that!

Buy a cross-stitch pattern and become a genius. I used to love these as a kid and let's face it; it's the closest I'll ever come to doing anything remarkably creative with a needle and thread. Can't sew.

# Work my way through a cookbook. Minus the seafood dishes, of course.

# Write a book review. Either on this blog or through a different avenue.

# Teach myself to breathe properly while swimming. It's official. I'm almost 26 and I can't swim underwater properly - I have something wrong with my nose.

Give up carbohydrates for a week. You'll notice I wimped out here and wrote a week - that's because I will really struggle with this one, as a lot of my go-to meals are full of carbs. Will be interesting to see how this goes.

# Find an extra interest to blog about/start a new blog. No, this blog isn't going anywhere - but I would quite like to find an extra writing endeavour sometime this year. I'm not sure what it'll be about OR if anything will come of it, but I'm determined to keep my brain active this year.

See at least one live band. The boy and I already have tickets to see a very special band play TWICE in London this October, so I'm sort of cheating on this one.

Head to the movies alone. Popcorn is optional.

Meet someone new. That sounds easy but guys, remember: I'm not at work anymore. And am a bit of a homebody.

Figure out a honeymoon location & itinerary. I'm giving the boy a little free reign on this one, but if he decides the place, I'm happy to chip in and start researching. 

# Take a self portrait in every country I visit this year. Ah selfies, how I love you.

# Buy a postcard in every country I visit this year. I have big plans for this one.

# Explore the Berlin Wall. Have never been to Berlin before, looking forward to it.

# Drink sangria in Spain. What better place to indulge?

# Get married to my best friend. Working on that one.

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Jess said...

This is a great list! You have a lot on your plate. I especially like the last goal, of course.

Mrs. Higrens said...

No judging from me on not visiting the BM, I've lived in a very historically significant portion of the US since '03 and have yet to get any closer to the three major historic areas (none of which are more than 1/2 hour drive away) than the shopping district adjacent to one of them.

All that to say, life can get in the way of playing tourist in your own town. Have fun with it!

Dayna said...

Too funny! I'm working on the exact same type of list :) I know how you feel about falling off the bandwagon, it's just too easy.

Also, I cross-stitch and am working on the biggest one I've ever attempted. It's hard, yo! But so much fun :)

Good luck on your list!

rachaelgking said...

I was totally freaked out by your weight goals... until I realized they're in stones, not pounds! Phew ;-)

Emily Jane said...

LOVE this!! I'm making a list for my birthday of things to do while 25. I can help you with "Meet someone new" - I'll be in the UK in August...?

Anonymous said...

You ought to go to Gloucester Cathedral - where I graduated uni, and also used as a location for the HP movies.

I think exercising 25 days per month is a bit extreme! Not to put you off or anything, but you need to give your muscles and bones time to relax between workouts, so if you are going to do all that, you should only do cardio a few times a week, and alternate days with weights/crunches.

The Berlin wall is fantastic. I think it actually brought a tear to my eye and melted my stoney english heart.

Breathe Gently said...

Jess - I have to say, the last goal is my favourite of all.
Mrs H - It's so true. I've barely scratched the London surface!
Dayna - I want to see your cross stitch! I'm going to have fun scouring the web and see what I can come up with. I want it to be awesome.
LiLu - Haha, nope. kgs, sadly. So no cheeseburgers for me!
Emily - That sounds like a plan in the works. I love it!
Robyn - Don't worry; I'm switching it up, with a little dancing and a little swimming/aqua, so my muscles won't burn out and die. x

LaLa said...

Jebus. Imagine if that was stones! *chortle*

I love lists!

I can certainly help you cross two of these off as I want Mick to see Abbey Road and I can introduce you to at least one of my friends!

Fuzzy Cert said...

1. GASP! YOU WANT TO MARRY ME? .. What will Jase think!?!

2. Can we save Oxford and the Abbey Road crossing for when I'm in Londontown later this year? Because I TOTALLY want to do those things too!!!

3. SELFIES! In all the countries! I can do this one too! PHOTOBOMB!

4. I'll cheers your glass as we both drink Sangria in Spain. We shall toast to you marrying your best friend!

K said...

Aaahhh, listy goodness.
I'm stealing a couple, like the exercise one... and the decluttering, and the acupuncture. I'm hoping the wee needles can help my sinuses.
I was wondering when you were moving home, too. Not long! How's Oscar going to handle the heat?
(Also, I have a couple of cross stitches on the go, and I went to the library and photocopied patterns I liked out of books. Saves money! Currently working on a big lion's head...)

Julz* said...

I think we can check off a whole stack of those off the list when me and Kirby come to visit :)

I have a proper calligraphy pen that I don't use any more if you wants it? :P It's the kind where you need ink to dip it into. That's IF I can find it...

The UK has theme parks!? WHAT!? and more importantly, WHERE!?

Is butter a carb?...

You're seeing LH twice!?!? I HATE YOU! *jealous*

WOOOOOOO sangria!!!!!! *dances*

Anonymous said...

Love the list. Sounds like you have a good year ahead of you. All the traveling especially sounds like a lot of fun. Makes me wish I lived in Europe sometimes (except I really do love Texas). Plus I have family and friends over there so at least I get to visit. Makes sure to take lots of pictures!

-R- said...

What does it mean to go punting?

Eris said...

What is punting and why must it be done in Cambridge?

I would go in for eyelash tinting too, my lashes are also naturally blonde so without mascara I look like I have none :)

A said...

Great goals! Love them.

Anonymous said...

Great list! I do monthly lists and they tend to keep me focused. And then there's the 101 in 1001 list that I've got going for longer term goals. I love lists!

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