Cat vs Lobster

You all know Oscar. He likes fish-smelling food, appearing out of nowhere like a ninja to attack feet in his general vicinity and knocking heavy items off our bookshelf in the wee hours of every morning to make sure we wake up to give him a midnight snack. He's also just a tiny bit feral, but we still love him.

Oscar is one spoiled cat. He's an only child, and he knows it. He has more cat toys in our little flat than I care to admit, and he's got both of us wrapped around his razor sharp talons of doom paws. Despite the growing number of mice and jingly balls that are taking up residence under the lounge and in dusty corners of the room, sometimes I just can't help myself. Friends, I'd like you to meet Lobster.

He may not look it, but Lobster is deadly. You have to watch those giant claws and glittery hind legs. He moves fast. And those eyes. They're always watching you. Oscar, prepare meet your nemesis. Mwahaha.

Yes, Oscar is obviously very worried. This is the expression he tends to give us every time he gets a new toy. He's all 'You spent your hard earned money on me, and I don't care. Please tell me why I'm supposed to be excited by a toy sea creature? IT HAS SEQUINS.' This look of utter disdain is usually followed by him spotting a clump of hair in the distance, and we lose him for a little while while he chases invisible dust bunnies.

But he'll come back - he always does. See? Curiosity kil... oh, let's not go there.
I will spare you the onslaught of photos of Oscar turning feral and deciding that Lobster is indeed fair game. (I think he finally got whiff of the catnip stuffed inside its belly.) Just imagine fuzzy attacking cat pictures with neon green blurs of Lobster here and there, and you basically have it. Alright, just one then:
All in all, I think the look in Lobster's eyes is enough to tell you who reigned victorious in this little scuffle. Lobster has now had to be re-homed in our hidden shelf, because the cat was this close to ripping his face off.

I'm fairly sure this post is a good indication that I'm enjoying this time at home just a little too much?

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Jess said...

OMG he is so CUTE. It just kills me! Look at him with the lobster! Awww.

Emilie said...

Ahh look at his teeth in the last picture! He's so funny - I love his facial expressions :)

Fuzzy Cert said...

hahaha. I love Oscar.
Cats make me laugh so bad...even that doomy devil cat from work the other day that literally stalked the other cats and just loomed over their cages looking like a demonic gargoyle. It wasn't funny when I had my head in one of the cages and he did it to me, but it's HILARIOUS now!

Megan said...

Oscar is so handsome! I understand the razor sharp talons of doom. Loki has them, and he uses them whenever possible.

Our newest kitten, Eris, is somewhat in limbo at the moment. She sleeps a lot. However, Loki is a different story. He's still my baby, but he is evil at times! He doesn't really like cuddling much anymore, but he'll occasionally let me hold him if he's sleepy. And he has this one toy ... it was once a stocking. It is now torn apart, but he still carries it around in his mouth everywhere he goes, and sometimes, he'll hide it in the most random places.

Ah, cats. I love them!

Anonymous said...

Oscar is awesome! I love the mark on his nose.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Haha, awesome.

Anonymous said...

Bahahahahaha! I love it! What a silly cat! And that poor lobster. May he live to see another day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aly,

Long time reader (I'm Tasmiya's younger sister! Known as DSIE on her blog), but I haven't commented before. Really enjoy reading your blog, and Oscar is gorgeous.

I actually moved to the UK (Birmingham) a while ago, and (as ridiculous as it sounds), i think one of my monsters would love a lobster... can I ask where you got it from?

I found some "bug" toys at Tesco, similar sort of thing, but nowhere near as cute, and they don't always have them in stock. That said, he chews them to bits within about 4 hours of me opening the pack anyway!


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