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It's Friday, lovelies! And what better way to celebrate that, than a Love/Hate post? (Props to Janet!)

Love: I am going strong my my June challenge of gym visits each weekday. This week, I managed to squeeze in swimming, a class of Zumba, my own treadmill/weights routine and a Spin class.

Hate: Despite three weeks of exercise & eating well, my weight is still. the. same. Not getting disheartened but..

Love: The awesome lasagne I cooked the other night. My word, it was good.
Hate: I just ate the last of the leftovers for lunch, so NOW what am I supposed to do? ;)

Love: Every six months or so I have a music downloading extravaganza and my iPod is now chock full o'lovely songs. Two Girl Talk albums (thanks to Lala for introducing me) the newest Glee songs, some gym beats, and a few random oldies and wedding inspiration music. My playlist is SO random, you have no idea.
Hate: I may or may not have downloaded some Ke$ha tracks. I hate Ke$ha. I kind of hate anyone who uses a symbol in their first name. Especially you, Prince. Please keep my questionable music tastes a secret, yes?

Love: My awesome new gym trainers. They are cushioned, supportive and feel great on.
Hate: Unfortunately my weird arches are still rubbing on them. After today's class, I could feel the beginning of a blister forming under the pad of my left foot. Honestly, I can't win!

Love: Eating well, drinking water, and being healthy = smug, smug Aly.
Hate: The break-outs that have attacked my face recently. Aly with a bag over her head = not so smug.

Love: Having lots of free time to research all sorts of fun things to do with the wedding next year and obsessing over string duos/trios/quartets for our ceremony. Rinse and repeat with hair, makeup, and flowers.
Hate: Weddings cost money: who would've thought? Ahem, friends - I need contacts. And fast.

Love: A recent discovery of old 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' episodes on You Tube. Did anyone else watch this show on Nickelodeon growing up? It used to terrify me, but I watched them all the time.
Hate: It's reminding me how old I'm getting.

Love: This from Tiffany & Co.
Hate: It's from Tiffany & Co. Meaning I can't afford it, but I can drool dream over it.

And now it's your turn!
Leave your own Love & Hates (or just Loves. Or just Hates. Whatever floats your boat!) in the comments.

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Emily Jane said...

Love music downloading sprees! I tend to go on those when I have the house to myself for a few hours and I can randomly crank 30 second clips of all the songs I just got without anyone getting annoyed I don't let the song finish :)

LaLa said...

Love: That I am going to see you NEXT MONTH.
Hate: There's still quite a few days of work to go.

Well done on the gym honey - persist!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Warning - baby/pregnancy centric:

Love: Only 12-ish weeks to go!
Hate: Those 12-ish weeks are going to be even more increasingly humid and hot. I am so not looking forward to the miserable. Blegh.

Love: It's Friday!
Hate: It's only a 2-day weekend!

Dayna said...

Good job with the gym! I'm attempting to get back into going regularly...

I look and weigh the same but just going makes me feel really good!

Anonymous said...

No love/hates from me, but...

I was in Sainsburys this arvo and thought of you as they have a FREE wedding magazine at the moment! FYI. It was at the checkouts.

Also, on your new blog design thingy, the title of each post gets screwed up by the bottom of the post before them. Well, on my computer at least! Don't know if anyone else has noticed this because I think I am the last person in the world not to do all this 'feed' stuff and I actually go to webpages.

heidikins said...

LOVE that necklace. Oh. My. Swoon!!! Love love love.

I also love homemade mac & cheese, banana-oreo shakes, cuddling with a cute boy, and the elusive runner's high (and the more-toned legs that come with it.)

I'm trying to keep my hates to a minimum, so I won't share them here. ;o)


Fuzzy Cert said...

I know two violinists. One is apparently famous for something to do with music... but she's kind of eccentric and will probably charge.
And one of the girls at work, I think, is or was part of a quartet with her mother.

Teacher Anonymous said...

"Are You Afraid of the Dark?" was great! Watching it at home alone totally freaked me out.

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