Vlogging - Round Two

Be excited folks, today you get another chance to listen to my weird hybrid accent! You're getting a video rather than an actual post partly because I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to type, partly because I am actually dressed in non-gym clothes today (!) which doesn't happen often... and partly because I REALLY wanted to run away from the computer and finish a few books that I've got in the works. I'm drowning in books and I couldn't be happier.

Keep an eye out for a cameo from my attention whore of a cat. It appears that Oscar wants to be famous.

Vlogging Round 2 from Aly S on Vimeo.
Be sure to share your thoughts with us at the end of the vlog - if you make it that far! Happy viewing.

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Karen said...

Haha I just have to say that I love listening to you and your accent. It's so different from what I'm used to but I can still understand you perfectly fine at the same time.
I don't wear maxi dresses and don't think I've ever tried one on but I don't think the fact that it's so beach-y would deter me (I wear flip flops all the time in summer). I am just not sure if they'd look good on me and often they only have really thin straps which I don't like on a dress. But I do like how you combined it with a cardigan, because that would totally solve that problem.

Megan said...

I don't wear maxi dresses ... I think I'd be too short, so I just admire them from afar. You're right, though--they do seem very beachy!

Oscar is so handsome!

Dayna said...

Your accent is so cute! And so is your cat! :)

I'm on the fence with maxi dresses...I reckon if I found one that actually looked good, I'd get it. But that's yet to happen!

Anonymous said...

I have actually found only one that look really cute on me but the price wasn't affordable so I had to pass. I don't know that they are beachy but they are definitely more of the relaxed look which suits me fine in the summer.

And I love your accent. Very easy to understand. And Oscar is such a sly cat sneaking in there like that. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your accent! And you're even more adorable in video than in pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your accent! And you're even more adorable in video than in pics! :)

Emily Jane said...

Awwww I loev that you started it with "weird hybrid accent" because I sometimes feel like I have one of those too! Yours is FAR lovelier and I love these vlogs and seeing you actually talk to us :)

I miss London!! PRIMARK!!!

Britt said...

I own a black maxi dress (although I've never heard that term..perhaps I'm fashion challenged) and I've never worn it out of the house. I feel really self conscious in it, despite T telling me it looks great. Maybe I'll put a little sweater over top and I'll wear it out. :)

Love your vlogs. So much fun :)

Nathan Pralle said...

First, you clearly seem built for making vlogs, because this one was perfect and you were able to talk without interruption or halting or anything. Very nice, very comfortable, and of course, you're cute and adorable. (Oscar is a very fine specimen as well.)

Being a man and not knowing what a maxi dress is, I looked it up, and from what I can see via Google, it's basically a dress that's anchored at bust level and then drops away from there, right? I would think it'd suit you well, but I'd have to see to be honest...you should have given us a bit of a twirl, ya know!

But hey, for 8 pounds you can buy anything you like and use it for whatever and it should be great.

Fuzzy Cert said...

Was it ME on msn? Because then I can totally say I make a cameo.

I love your accent too. It's dreamy. HAHAH.

Operation Pink Herring said...

For all the Americans out there (or maybe just the horribly unfashionable ones), I'm going to ask the question: what on earth is a maxi dress?

heidikins said...

I've tried on the maxi-dress before, and I like them, but usually they are too short for me (I'm also tall, and I wear heels all. the. time.)

That being said--I will go shopping with you any old time, and I promise I'll only tell you you look ridiculous when you do, in fact, look ridiculous. (Which is not to say that you are ridiculous looking at the moment--on the contrary, you are absolutely lovely.)


Anonymous said...

I can't make maxi dresses work for me although do always seem to look lovely on the rack. And that cat - he's so beautiful!

Julz* said...

You mentioned my name! I'm TOTALLY famous now :P

I can't wear maxi dresses, I'm far too short for them. I find that they do tend to be designed for the ridiculously tall and thin girls. And yeah, I get the beachy vibe too, hence why I don't think they suit many people...only tall, thin, beachy type people.

Erin said...

I love the way maxi dresses look on other people. I bought one last year, and I've worn it once. I just feel silly in it for some reason.

Also, I love when you video blog because it's like we're sitting here having a lovely little conversation. :)

Miss A said...

Not a hint of westie dialect :-) So there are two of us out there!

PS - No the maxi dress. Ever.

Jenna said...

I love your accent! I've thought about doing vlogs but I think I would just look and sound silly and wouldn't know what to talk about.

I really like hearing you describe things that are different in London (like trying on clothes in the middle of the store). Those are always my favorite part of blogs written by people living in different countries!

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