Vanuatu Dreaming

If I had to pick one photo to sum up our honeymoon, it would be this one.

That, my friends, was the view we had from our bungalow balcony. Bliss!

We started our holiday nice and early which made me glad that we'd rested on the Sunday after the wedding and chose to depart on the Monday instead. Two good friends were apartment and cat-sitting for us, and dropped us to the airport, where we sweet talked our newlywed way into exit row seats... with champagne. Huzzah!

We left a very wet and miserable Sydney and took off into a beautiful clear blue sky as we travelled the short 3hr 15min flight to Port Vila.
And it has to be one of the tiniest airports I think I've ever been in... with the exception of Hilo in Hawaii, that is. When we boarded, it was around 10o celcius (hellooooo, winter) and when we landed, it was close to 30o celcius (hellooooo, tropics!) - this was exactly the reason why we chose somewhere out of Australia for our honeymoon.
After a short shuttle ride, we were in the city of Port Vila. We walked through the Grand Casino and headed for the jetty. A boat was already waiting, ready to ferry us across to our hotel for the trip: the Iririki Island Resort and Spa.
We were welcomed at the jetty by a traditionally dressed chief, and handed a welcome drink as we checked in to our accommodation. We had the choice of booking an apartment style room or a traditional island fare, and we went with the latter.

Since the sun was setting, we enjoyed watching it go down behind the ocean from our balcony. We could've gone to find some food in one of the local restaurants, but opted to order room service and relax instead. 

Let the honeymooning begin!

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Jane said...

Loving these photos! I had no idea Vanuatu was only 3 hours away... NOW I REALLY WANT TO GO! Looks like you guys had a great time xxx

~stinkb0mb~ said...

you look soooo happy!! *bliss*


heidikins said...

Oh. My. Lawsy!! What a gorgeous place! You look gorgeous, relaxed, content...swoon! I love it!


Amanda said...

Oh, it's so gorgeous! I love that last picutre as well- pretty lady! Now I want to go to a tropical island!

Katelin said...

oh man these pictures are lovely. seriously i want to run away to an island right now.

steph c said...

Looks gorgeous.. officaly jealous!

Janet said...

Oh Aly it is so gorgeous! I am jelly you live so close. For me that would be an epic journey!

Also you are excellent at the self portraits. Wish I could learn a thing or two on those. I just stink at them!

steph anne said...

That is a completely gorgeous & stunning view from your balcony! I'd love to wake up to that view!

terra said...

WOW!! It looks absolutely amazing! You guys look so happy too!

Audrey said...

Beautiful! I wish we would have tried to use our newlywed status to get a few perks on our honeymoon, but we chickened out. Nice work!

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