You and Me: A Little Alone Time

There was one last thing I needed the girls to help me with before they left me to my thoughts on Wedding Day Eve. It was the most precious of my parcels: the dress!

With a little hoisting and a handy curtain hook, we got it hung up and flattened out.

You'll have to excuse the blurry iPhone pictures - action shots.
With the dress up, my girls bid me goodnight... and it was just me. I got in my jammies, took a few snapshots of the hotel room, tried to get the majority of wrinkles out of my veil, and stared at my wedding gown for a while longer. Being on my own was nice. It was still. It was peaceful. It let me appreciate the quiet before the storm.
With nothing else to do but play a little Solitaire on my iPhone (a bit of a bedtime ritual for me) I called it a night, and eventually fell asleep...

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~stinkb0mb~ said...

i still maintain that, that dress is just breathtaking - absolutely gorgeous and you looked simply divine in it.


terra said...

I think that was so smart to spend your last night as a Miss alone. That down time is priceless before the madness of wedding and honeymoon travel.

And that dress - it's amazing!

steph anne said...

I can't get over how beautiful your dress is!! You really looked gorgeous in it! I had my whole bridal party stay with me in my hotel room the night before the wedding. It was fun since I'm not the kind of person to be alone.

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