You and Me: The Girls Get Glam

While I lounged around the hotel room in a white robe and black fluffy ugg boots, it was time for my bridesmaids and mother to begin getting made up.

After discovering Jenny from Le Fabulous online and having a few trial runs before the wedding {once for a trial, once for our engagement shoot}, I knew I was in great hands - as were my bridal party.

Personal picture
Now I happen to have some completely gorgeous women in my life who looked amazing even before the makeovers began. But after the hair and make-up was applied? Talk about stunning!
Then it was time for my beautiful mum to visit the make-up and hairdressing hot seats!
In the meantime, the girls kept themselves busy, looking fabulous in their matching robes.
I was planning on keeping their hairstyles sleek and elegant with no clips or additions, but then decided at the last minute to add in some tiny sprigs of babys breath. I love how it turned out!
By now, the girls were all done - and sporting their gorgeous necklaces and pearl earrings that I'd gifted them too. My mum was almost done with her hair...
But who's that I spy lurking in the background, still wearing her robe? It was almost time for me to get into full blown bride mode.
All photographs by the team at Follan Photography unless otherwise noted.

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Nathan Pralle said...

Love how the bridge is just photobombing everything in her robe while everyone else is all dolled up. ;)

Emilie said...

I thought the baby's breath was a great addition to their hair. I love the photos of the girls in their robes - that was a great idea! Looking forward to more!

terra said...

What a lovely bunch of ladies! You all look great and I absolutely love that shot of your three ladies in the matching robes with the baby's breath in their hair - such a good shot!

Emily Jane said...

Lovely photos, and looks like such a fun time!

audrey said...

I'm not always much of a girly girl, but I LOVE getting my hair and makeup done. Such a wonderful way to spend a few hours, especially on such a special day!

BTW, I love how close you and your mom are, and I love all the pictures of her and the two of you from your wedding. It's so obvious in the pictures how happy she is for you and what a special relationship you two have.

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