You and Me: My Last Day as a Miss

I feel a little bad admitting this, but I hardly saw Jase on the day before our wedding.

Two of my best girlfriends were arriving into Sydney specially for the wedding, so I kissed him goodbye and headed off to meet them. I spent the morning with them (and my mum & Maid of Honour) getting our nails done.

Ah, pampering. I usually have fairly average length fingernails, so I decided to splurge on the day and get french tipped acrylics put on. I also snuck in a pedicure while the girls had some fun things done to their nails.  And then we waited for everything to dry!
Pretty nails in tow, I headed back to our apartment to pick up all of our wedding goodies and the dress. I gave Jase one last cuddle and made him walk down to the car with us to help us pack it all in... and then we drove away, with him waving us off. I can't even tell you how strange it felt leaving him behind. It was seriously weird.

The girls accompanied me to my hotel room for the evening, and we settled in there for a few hours.

Showing just how much space there was in the hotel room.
We had dinner at a beer hall near the hotel, having met up with my little brother and some other superfabulous wedding guests who joined in to celebrate my last night of Miss-dom.
And after that? Well, we got girly. We chatted. We lazed about. We posed with giant sunglasses.
(Bridal confession:  those awesome props? I completely forgot about them on the actual wedding day. Other things I forgot about: our message chalkboards, our toasting champagne for mimosas on the morning of the wedding day, and lots of posed pictures that I didn't request. Bride brain: it's a real thing.)

This kind of light heartedness was exactly what I would've wanted to do on the night before the wedding. The girls kept me distracted, encouraged my random bouts of giddiness, and made everything perfect.

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steph c said...

Looks like a really good pre-wedding day :) Also: must. remember. bride brain!

Anonymous said...

You're really just too beautiful for words. That's all. xoxo

Fuzzy Cert said...

Boo to you for putting that AWFUL photo of me on your blog.

Janet said...

Ha, I love those glasses, too cute!

I remember barely seeing Andrew nearly our entire wedding weekend, too. It's hard when you're hosting so many people, especially friends and fam you hardly see. I guess that's why honeymoons are necessary :)

Nathan Pralle said...

Sounds like a good way to spend the time! :)

Emily Jane said...

That sounds like the perfect day to have before your wedding! Cute photos! :)

Karen said...

Jase or no Jase, it sounds like a great time! Plus you now have the rest of your life to spend with him, right? Lovely nails. :)

audrey said...

I hardly saw Tim in the days before our wedding, either. There was so much pampering and prepping to do that our paths hardly crossed. Made seeing him on the wedding day that much more special.

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