You and Me: The Final Countdown

Do do do dooooooooo, do-do-do-do-dooooooooooo!

Sorry, sorry. My apologies if I've now got that tune stuck in your head - if it makes you feel any better, it's in mine too. I was lucky enough to take a few days off work from my teaching job in the days leading up to the wedding. I thoroughly recommend this to any bride-to-be, it really helped me get my head around what needed finishing during the home stretch.

There were minor stress attacks to be had.
Our charity ribbon favours hadn't arrived yet and when I phoned to check on their arrival, I was told they'd sold out... and nobody had told me! WHAT? Thankfully a friendly receptionist at the Breast Cancer Foundation scrounged around through some old charity boxes and found me the ribbons I needed. Crisis averted.

There were last minute projects to finish.
I needed to assemble our table number lumies, our home-made wedding programs, and our place cards & charity favours. I don't think we saw the top of our dining table for a good month prior to the wedding.

Thankfully I had lots of help with Jason, my parents AND my wonderful Maid of Honour all putting in some serious crafting hours with me.
I call this shot: when good crafting goes bad. (Don't even ask about my crazed expression. I am the queen of dodgy face-pulling.)
There were delivery runs to the venue to be made.
With several boxes of goodies in tow, my Maid of Honour & I hoofed it across town to our reception venue to get everything dropped off and ready to go for the weekend. We managed to get everything in the car in one trip between us, thanks to pure adrenalin. It took us a good few goes up and down the stairs to get it all into the reception venue though, with my lumie table numbers choosing that moment to fly out of the box in the wind and attempt to make a break for it! Arms full, we eventually managed to round them all up and get them into our reception room, safe and sound.

I'm happy to announce that no Lumies were harmed in the making of this wedding.
There were random shopping trips for last minute bits & pieces.
I thought I'd gotten everything under control nice and easy... except for a few things that completely slipped my mind. It's a fairly well known fact that I declared I MUST HAVE SPARKLERS at our wedding, I simply must. Thankfully our venue okay-ed them (provided we were outside, of course) and I happily went about my merry way, thinking we'd just use regular sized ones and be done with it.
Until, that is, I random decided to time the burn-down rate of a sparkler or two a few days before the wedding - and started to panic (again!) when they only lasted for around 24 seconds before fizzing out. There's no WAY they would stay lit long enough for our send-off! I ended up finding a party store that express posted me some extra long ones, which ended up working beautifully.
It's no wonder the wedding day comes around closer than you'd expect. Things to do! People to see! Projects to finish! Cheesy self portraits in front of mirrors to take!

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Britt said...

Those are some massive sparklers! The pictures with them looked so lovely so it was definitely a good call to get the big ones!

Carly said...

I'm glad that you could find massive sparklers :) They looked ah-mah-zing on the night xx

Fuzzy Cert said...

ahahaha. no lumies were harmed. I distinctly remember me bent over at the venue, laughing hysterically while they went floating about the carpark and I had to go chase them down.
Oh the moments you wish you had video-ed.

Karen said...

I just wanted to let you know that even though I didn't comment on each post individually, I am really enjoying reading your wedding and honeymoon recaps.

Emilie said...

I love your table numbers. What a great idea that was! They looked so pretty on the tables.

Jade @ Earth to Jade said...

I am loving your wedding recaps! Those giant sparklers look scary! Did you walk under them on your way out? x

audrey said...

All those last-minute details! I'm super impressed at your crafting skills!

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