After the embryo transfer yesterday, I spent the rest of the day chilling out in bed and trying to take it easy. J had gone back to work for a little while, so it was just me & the kitties. And Scully and Mulder.
I'm blessed with my two cats. Oscar has always been a big teddy bear, happy to let you pick him up and give him all kinds of love. Evie, while still very timid with strangers, is the most snuggly cat I've ever met. 
As soon as I lay down to rest, both of them jumped up on the bed with me. Oscar planted himself at my feet and proceeded to snore away the afternoon. Evie though, hopped up on my tummy and lay there for hours. She literally did not move from that one spot. From my angle, it looked a little like this:
As she lay there, she purred. Her whole teeny body was vibrating, and I felt it (in a non pervy way) reverberating all around my abdomen. It was the most calm feeling, and it was such a lovely way to relax after the stress and drama of the last weeks of IVF treatment. I kind of wish I could spend the entire TWW that way.

We were joking about it earlier, and J suggested that it might be because she knows something we don't. I think he's being crazy optimistic since we don't even know how this will turn out, but I love him all the same for thinking it.

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Court said...

I think our animals "know." My puppy, Daisy, is NOT a loving animal, but cuddled with me when I was super stressed out (about TTC) the other day. =)

~Mum~ said...


Angela Noelle said...

Awww, I hope she's right!! I keep waiting for my adorable "they totally know!" moment with my dogs, but so far nothing. They're kinda self-centered and obtuse though, haha!

Lacey Bean said...

I've totally heard people say that their pets know they are pregnant - they hang around you non stop! Hope that's the sign for you!!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Our younger cat, who is also the less likely one to insist on being on your lap (and hides when we have company), was a super-big snugglebug when I was pregnant.

Animals do have a way of sensing when things are different.

EndoJourney said...

You know what, you never know. Animals have crazy senses that we don't have. My favorite story is of my friend who got pregnant and before it was confirmed she noticed her female dog would follow her everywhere and would never leave her alone. Once she got the positive test she realized that the dog knew something. For the entire pregnancy this dog was ultra protective and would never leave this girl alone ever. So...you never know! FX!

DandelionBreeze said...

Must be lovely to have them there with you... and I've heard friend, who later found out they were pregnant, talk about how their animals knew first :)) Hopefully a good sign xoxo

terra said...

I think animals know things, whether it's that we just need a little extra love or what. They know. Life is so much better with them.

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