After nearly two months, ten days of progesterone tablets & a whole lot of impatience - we're finally back at CD1. It's a cruel game, this infertility business. You don't WANT to get a period, but at the same time, it's cause for celebration when the bloody thing decides to arrive.

Anyway. Back to scratch. We've had our mandatory rest period, and I'm hoping that we're all set to head towards IVF #2 in the next couple of months. No word yet on dates, but keep your fingers crossed for us. No matter what happens, I'll be on the birth control pill for the next month - boring, boring, boring.

(I wish my clinic did antagonist cycles. I want to just get on with things, not waste more time.)

Sometimes I feel like teaching is the worst possible job to be in when you're trying for a baby. Being surrounded by other people's children is always hard, on some days more than others. Caring so much for the welfare of somebody else's baby, feeling unappreciated for the efforts you make, and realising that you could be a good parent yourself one day.. it kind of stings. Lately I've been craving an office job, one where I could hide away for just a little while.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you hon. *hugs*

Non Sequitur Chica said...

CD1 is a promise of a new day and a new cycle. Crossing my fingers IVF #2 is the one!

heidikins said...

A former teacher of mine has had years of problems with getting pregnant, 7 miscarriages and one sweet boy who only lived two days. She started a blog,, and it is absolutely heart-breaking.

Lots of love and hugs your way

Emilie said...

I admire your patience so much. I'm also crossing my fingers for round 2 and sending positive vibes your way. xx

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