So Over Feeling Sick

Last week, I picked up a stomach bug from my kids. It was a virus that had been going around the classroom (vomit! yay!) and my immune system decided that it was shutting up shop. That was a lovely two days, let me tell you.

Last weekend, I felt the tickles of a cold starting. It got so bad over the long weekend that I didn't leave the house, not even for our wedding anniversary. We ended up ordering in Thai food & eating cake. In pyjamas. It was special.

This week, I am still sick. This cold will NOT quit. I'm so tired, because I can't breathe while sleeping at night. My throat hurts, my sinuses are giving me constant headaches, and I've worked every day this week because I need to save up the last of my work sick days for IVF #2 when it comes around. I'm just wrecked.

I've had 12 kids in my class all week - out of 24. Literally half a class. No wonder we're all sick!

On top of the illness, school reports and data has been due this week. I'm finished for now, but after my supervisor edits them all, I have to get them prepared to send home in the next few weeks. If I can get through this next fortnight with no more illness, I'll be happy.

11 work days to go, but who's counting?

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Unknown said...

Oh man. All I can say is HUGS, and I hope you get some reasonable sleep.

Fiona said...

So many people around me are sick!!

CBrain said...

I'm counting....still have reports to finish. I'm hoping I dont get sick because I've got so much on.
Glad your class is smaller to help give you a rest.

Shayla said...

Ugh, I've had a cold for over a week now and I feel your pain. :( Thinking healing thoughts for the both of us!

Janet said...

Dude, no kidding! I was sick for 2 weeks after my vacation, and I'm already sick again! It totally sucks. I've been whining (whinging?) ALL WEEK to anyone who will listen. Feel better!

sass @ (In)fertility Unexplained said...

You are! (counting, that is.) I hope you feel better soon and can enjoy some of the last days of the year.

~stinkb0mb~ said...

Oh honey, unfortunately I know all too well how you're feeling right now. I had all last week off work with the flu, barely moved out of bed.

The other half still has the remains of his, he was sick for about a month! It seems to be a particularly bad strain going around at the minute and EVERYONE seems to have it.

Make sure, if you can, that you rest up this weekend.


Hannah said...

Oh gosh, I am so sorry that you're sick, honey. I have been fighting the flu for two weeks and just when I think it has's back with a vengeance! I hope you feel better soon x

Hapa Hopes said...

Holy moly! That's way too many bodily fluids being thrown around. Get well soon and tell those little germ mongers to get themselves together!

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