Journey to a BFP

*Be warned: this blog post contains pee sticks a-plenty.

This past week has been crazy. The TWW went by like any other - but it was a lot more bearable this time around, since it was a 5-day transfer. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out until August 15th, but I was trying to wait until at least 10dpo before testing. This was the first indication I had that something might have been going on.

The top was 5am, second was 7am on internet cheapies. I was positive that I had a serious case of 'line eye' at this stage, or that it was an evap line. Needless to say, I peed on another stick (or four) the following morning at 11dpo.

I could see something again on the internet cheapie, but only faint smudges on the other sticks. It wasn't enough to convince me. Roll on to 12dpo... and I saw something. That something that was enough to make me sit on my bathroom floor and freak out - I could see the line without squinting! What do I do now? Is this real? Oh em gee.

This is the day that I decided to tell Jase - I'd kept things quiet before then, because I was terrified to get his hopes up, only to find that the lines disappeared. He called out to see if I'd drowned in the toilet (ha, ha) and I left my little bubble to shove the pee sticks in his face. I wrapped them quickly in the onesie I'd bought the day before (just in case, you know) and watched his face change from confusion, to surprise, to happiness. It was such an awesome moment.

I kept peeing, of course. I wanted to see that line get darker and darker. This was 13dpo, getting darker...

... and darker again at 14dpo. Huzzah! This whole pee stick thing is awesome, but kind of addictive. I'm hooked.

I had blood drawn for a beta yesterday afternoon, but won't know my numbers for a few days yet. I'm praying it's exactly where it should be, this early on. This morning's sticks still looked pretty dark though, thank goodness.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is when I was supposed to hold out until before peeing on a stick. I have to call the clinic and let them know the result, and then wait to see what they say next. It's all very new to us!

If any of our real life friends or family members are reading this, I'd ask that you please keep this information quiet for now. We've got a long way to go, and we're not quite ready to share our news with the whole world yet - the online world is enough for us right now! We appreciate your good wishes & hope you'll respect our tiny little secret. Thanks!

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Just T said...

You are definitely pregnant! Congrats on your wonderful outcome :)

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Yay! Congrats!

Audrey said...

This is just the most thrilling thing ever! I'm so happy for you guys!

heidikins said...

You know you are the ONLY person who can show me pee sticks and my response is absolute glee instead of disgust, right? ;)

So happy for you! Squee!


Mrs Green Grass said...

Good luck on your beta! Can't wait to hear the results...and then hear the results of the follow-up (if they will do that).

L said...

Those are some pretty awesome pee sticks :)

Becky said...

Whoever thought we'd be this excited about pee - wahoo!!!

Nellie said...

It excites me to see these pee sticks and to get to live these moments through your posts! Congrats again.

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