The Weekly Run-Down: 6

How Far Along: 6 weeks. We're getting close to halfway {or thereabouts} through this first trimester!

Size of baby: Nobody seems to agree on this one, but we're somewhere between a grain of rice, a pea, or a lentil.

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  I'm way more interested in how the embryo is developing and what it's doing each week, than the size of fruit it corresponds to. Here's this week's run-down:

By the end of this week your baby will have tripled in size! His heart is now beating with a regular rhythm. It's still too faint to be picked up by your doctor's stethoscope, but if you have an ultrasound at some point over the next few weeks it will probably be visible as a tiny, pulsing dot in the middle of his mini body. Fun fact: From now until birth, your child's heart will beat about 150 times a minute -- twice the average adult rate. Also this week, your baby's brain hemispheres are forming -- and brain waves can now be recorded.
Total Weight Gain: I'm down 4.7kg since egg collection, which I've declared my starting weight.
Sleep: Pretty uncomfortable, even this early on in the piece. The sore throat and cold symptoms have been awful, and I've had to go to bed with a hot water bottle {only a warm one} on my back to combat the aches.

Symptoms: I'm tired, all the time. Some cramping started up in the past few days, strong enough to scare me a little, but so far all seems okay. Things are a little 'interesting' in a digestive sense, but no vomiting, only teeny amounts of queasiness, usually around midday or if I haven't eaten. My boobs still feel exactly the same.

Cravings: Flavoured milk, mostly the strawberry kind. I've had two strawberry milkshakes in the last week, and I've just purchased a tub of strawberry nesquik to tide me over at home.  

Gender: Are we allowed to guess this early on? Who knows! Jason is being really cute, already wanting to know when the earliest time is for us to find out if it's a boy or a girl. Patience, grasshopper.

Movement: Way too early yet!

Maternity Clothes: I thought my clothes were still fitting fine, until I tried a top on the other day and I could not squish my boobs into it. Maybe they're growing, even though they're not hurting? But everything else is normal.
What I'm looking forward to: Our ultrasound next week! I'm praying that everything will be okay.

You can catch up on my weekly pregnancy updates {in reverse order} by clicking here. For bump shots - go here!

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Marissa said...

This post just makes me smile... a lot! I'm just so thrilled for you, Aly! Looking forward to counting along with the number on your little slate. ♥

heidikins said...

Still smiling like crazy for you! :)


Lya said...

I just love to get your updates in my reading list :) Still so thrilled for you!

Kathy said...

Yay! Im so so excited and happy for you! Im only 1.5 wks behind with our little clomid baby. Look forward to seeing all the updates :)

Emilie said...

You are going to be the cutest preggers EVER.

terra said...

So exciting!! I'm loving your weekly preggo photos - so cute!

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