Symptoms or Lack Thereof

I still can't believe we're actually here. Each day that passes {without a period in sight} is a relief. I said to Jase the other day that I was still waiting for someone to jump out of the bushes and tell me that I'm being punked.

If I wasn't seeing positives on pregnancy tests, I'd be pretty clueless about the fact that I'm currently knocked up.

This morning I had a mild panic attack when my pregnancy tests (yes, I'm still peeing on sticks) looked fainter than yesterday. I took another digital too, and I freaked out because it still says 1-2 weeks pregnant. (It said that on Sunday.. shouldn't it be further?) Thankfully, my lovely Twitter friends talked me off the ledge a little bit, and the IVF clinic has agreed to do a beta test tomorrow at 17dpo. My fingers are crossed for the results. I hope they're ok.

The only thing that's been really different for me is the extreme tiredness. I blamed a lot of that on feeling poorly from the cold I've been nursing this past week - but I've been in bed by 8.30am for the last few days. I'd get to 2pm and be counting the minutes down until I could finish work, get home, and lie down. It's been so, so exhausting.

I've had a little stomach tenderness, odd cramping and some pains. No nausea or puking, but a few other, er, tummy upsets. I also find that if I don't eat as soon as I get hungry, I start feeling pretty gross. That's new for me.

I haven't got sore boobs, though. I keep mashing them every few hours to see if they hurt, but they feel totally fine. Is it weird that I want them to get a little sore now and again, just so I feel like things are actually happening?

It's strange being so naive about all of this. I've never once gotten past seeing negative pee sticks & for all of the crazy TTC research I've done over the years, I'm a total newbie at being pregnant. And also a bit of a stress head.

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sass @ (In)fertility Unexplained said...

I didn't really have symptoms for a while either - except for fatigue, which is a real symptom! Don't let it worry you. Also - the hormone levels in urine varies greatly, so a fainter test really doesn't mean anything. I hope your blood test gives you some peace of mind though!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Fatigue, yes, the fatigue. But I never had the sore boobs - and I too wanted something tangible like that to say this is really happening. :)

Nausea didn't start until 6ish weeks for me, and I have to say that it's really not something you WANT, even if you think you do. Because having to throw up on a regular basis is so, so, so much worse than just feeling gross.

Rachel said...

I had no symptoms at first either! It was actually one of the first signs that something was up, just because I usually have a variety of ailments leading up to AF. But after a couple of weeks, the symptoms came on STRONG and have been there ever since. So you just enjoy this symptom free time for now. There's lots coming your way. ;)

velocibadgergirl said...

I'm 12 weeks and my only symptom is tiredness, so it's definitely not unheard was like this with N, too! :)

Audrey said...

The eating to stave off nausea? I totally had that, and it was so weird! It went against everything I thought I knew to force myself to eat when I felt pukey, but eating was the only thing that helped. Stock up on snacks and keep them nearby at all times!

I also distinctly remember sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office before my first appointment and freaking out that we'd get called back and the doctor woudl tell me I'd just imagined the whole thing. I don't know if your clinic does early ultrasounds, but if they offer you one, definitely go for it! Seeing the little baby blob on the monitor made me feel 1000 times better and reassured me that I was really and truly pregnant.

Good luck with your beta test today!

JustHeather said...

I didn't have hardly any early symptoms either. I never did get full blown nausea, only the tiniest bit where if I didn't eat regularly enough I felt a little bit sick, but nothing bad. I did get tired though. :)
Good luck!

Jess said...

I never had sore boobs. My boobs never changed during pregnancy. I think this was related to my ultimate low milk supply. But, the reason I'm telling you this is that in my research about this issue, I've found that PCOS can be a major cause of low milk supply and lack of breast changes during pregnancy. So, not to make you worry about your prospects of breastfeeding... but it may be that your PCOS means that you just won't have much breast pain during this pregnancy, and I wouldn't worry about the lack of that particular symptom.


JB said...

I will validate the no sore boobs. Didn't kick in for me for a long while after my positive test.

Teacher Anonymous said...

Sounds like my symptoms so far, here at 12 weeks (though I have had sore boobs). I had even fewer symptoms with kid #1 and it totally terrified me! The first ultrasound was such a relief, to see that there really was a baby in there. Hope your test goes well.

CBrain said...

I'm three days behind you and totally freaking out. I had sore boobs last time but well that didn't end well.I'm awaiting blood test 2mrw and trying not to think about it too much. Is that a sore boob? Is that a cramp? Am i really tired?
My fingers are crossed so hard for you.

Lisa said...

So I've watched "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" too much, and I had an organic chemistry prof who loved the science side of pregnancy. At-home pee sticks test for a range of hormones. If you're too far in, the sticks can come back negative (hence why women get negative tests even though they're prego). Hope it goes well!

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