51 weeks old!

We're in the home stretch - this time next week, Georgia will be a year old. I've been taking her photos week by week (& monthly, too) for a full year, and am so glad I did. It's an awesome way to look back & see how she's grown.

The week ahead is going to be busy. House cleaning, party planning & organising for the birthday - as well as my late Nanna's birthday on Monday, my brother/SIL's first wedding anniversary, and my Mum's birthday too! Hard to believe that at their wedding last year, I was 35 weeks pregnant and was going to POP the following week.

Seriously - check out that belly! Size of a house. I still can't believe that a) my belly was that big & b) she fit in there!

Georgia is doing really well. Crawling all over the place, starting to show more interest in being on hands & knees, and enjoying practising standing with one of us helping her. She's reading books, saying a few more words (cat! ta! wa-ter!) and back to sleeping well. It's nice to have my happy baby back. She's getting tall, and I'm really interested in finding out her height and weight when we have her 1 year check-up soon.

I'm really, really excited about her birthday party. I know it's one she won't remember, but I am really happy to be celebrating it with friends and family, old and new. I don't know how we would have gotten through the last year without a good support system, and seeing how much they love Georgia makes me warm & fuzzy. Plus - cake! :)



Unknown said...

Hi from ICLW! Your lil girl is so precious and Happy One year birthday to her!


Sarah said...


Audrey said...

Hooray for Georgia! And now I really hope my little girl comes this weekend; how fun would it be if our girls shared a birthday? And, after all, Georgia provides solid evidence that babies born at the end of March are completely wonderful.

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