Cake Smash!

I've seen a lot of photographers doing cake smashes lately, and I really really wanted to do one with Georgia before her birthday - how fun! We have had a fair few expenses though, so I couldn't justify spending a fortune getting it done, so I decided to attempt to do one myself. They may not be picture perfect, but they were great fun.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Baby girl enjoyed herself too - even if she was mostly tentative with the cake. No real smashing here; we are far too ladylike for that! :)

The frosting kept melting - but that didn't stop her from digging into it. This should be the ONLY way to eat cake.
Seriously, too flipping cute for words. Oh hey, this cake comes apart! {Smash! Destroy! Eat!}

 And so began the phase of the cake smash that I like to call 'rainbow frosting boogers'. Behold! Sprinkles.
At this point, hubby came in to see how she was faring - well, if he isn't her favourite person in the world! She only brings out the happy smiles like this for him. Daddy's girl, through & through.
 Happy ALMOST first birthday, baby girl.

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Kristie said...

Oh how cute!! I think it means more that you put this together yourself than getting a super fancy cake and photographer. Georgia looks like she had a grand time!

Suzanna said...

Awww! This pictures are adorable! My favorite is the one where she's bent over eating the side of the cake. Love it! Happy first b-day little girl!

Katelin said...

this is too precious! love the one with her face just in the cake, haha.

meanttobemommy said...

Hello from ICLW. These are adorable pictures!

Hope said...

Happy almost-birthday to Georgia! She's a cutie. And she does look doubtful about smashing the cake at first. Hopefully she won't want to do it with other food now that she's realized it's fun! :)

Amethyst said...

How wonderful! I think the pictures turned out beautifully! Makes me wanna bake a cake just so I can destroy and devour it myself, haha :)

JB said...

LOVE!!!!!!!!! you did such a great job! I cannot believe she's almost one

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