Fifty Kilometres in February

I've been a busy bee! Working on my fitness, eating well, enjoying that little bit of ME time when I work out every other day. Since January, I've stuck to a 3-day a week jogging schedule - Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I've run two 5k races this year, as part of the virtual #Olive5k series. I'm not running them to win prizes, or to to be super speedy, but I'm doing it to be consistent. So far, so good. 
So pleased to have run 50km in Feb - and over 100km since January! :)

I've been lucky that hubby has been working from home. It's let me have this running time without having to worry that Georgia is asleep, or awake, or cranky - he usually feeds her breakfast & lets her have playtime on the floor. I never would have thought I'd choose exercise as my 'me-time' activity of choice, but I'll take it!

How have you been making time for yourself so far this year?

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Britt said...

Yay!! So proud of you Aly!

Runner Leana said...

Aly, that is awesome!! Congratulations!!

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