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The days are starting to speed up, and my little girl is almost a year old - I am SO not ready for this!

We're still commando crawling, but not much else - but that's ok. She's a happy kid, who is beautiful and funny and smart, and will NOT be walking on her first birthday. I hate that I've spent several of the past months comparing her to other babies, and I hate that deep down I still feel sad that she's behind in those respects; milestones can kiss my arse. Instead, I'm focusing on her growing up and enjoying what she can do.

The more I look at her photographs or watch her playing independently, the more I see a little girl, not a baby. It's bittersweet; I miss the baby stage so much, but I love this new stage too. Listening to her talk to herself, to us, to the cats, it's hilarious. She waves to anyone who says hi/bye to her, and is fascinated with books - turning the pages, blabbing away and feeling the textures in those touchy/feely novels. She's adorable.

I'm going to enjoy this fleeting last month of babyhood - but I'm also looking ahead. I'm so very excited to teach this little girl the ways of the world and watch her discover new things every day.

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Candace said...

I can't believe our sweet babies are turning one soon! How did this happen?!
She is just the cutest thing. Don't compare her to other babies. She is doing everything at her speed and that's just perfect. She's just perfect!

Petunia said...

Here from ICLW. You have a great outlook! I agree, it is really hard to leave the baby stage, but they do change in so many neat ways. I have a little guy who is almost three, and the verbal skills alone make me smile everyday. Enjoy this next stage of your daughter's life.

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