This Time Last Year..

This time last year, it was Good Friday and I was 36+4 weeks pregnant.

I was a ridiculously cheerful pregnant lady for the most part, but not that night - I was cranky & irritable and declared 7.30pm to be bedtime as I was NOT feeling good.

Turns out I wouldn't get any rest at all... not for the next 24 hours, anyway.

{For all those people who said that if it was labour, I'd know it - I say phooey! I was in complete denial for a few hours at least, until I started timing those 'cramps' which were actually contractions... and even then, I was sure it was too early to be labour starting, so I protested the whole way to the hospital!}

Tomorrow, my baby is 1.

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Lisa C said...

How has it already been one year? Seems like sweet Georgia appeared yesterday.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

What a difference a year makes! :-)

TwoPlusOne said...

Bet you had wonderful time celebrating her 1st birthday! Georgia is getting cuter everyday :)

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