6 weeks + 4 days

Just a few days to go before the ultrasound. In the meantime, I've been:

  • Peeing on sticks daily. Don't worry, they're just el cheapos... and they're still dark!
  • Feeling pretty good, with the odd bits of nausea that are mostly fleeting.
  • Having some new cravings: apple & blackcurrant juice, and carbs. All carbs. Going off hot teas, which is weird.
  • Going to bed super early, usually straight after Georgia goes down for the night. Thankfully, she's been sleeping pretty well too. Phew!
  • Worrying, as per usual. The current thing I have on my mind? What if Monday's scan is massively different compared to Georgia's 7 week scan? It's so daunting. Fingers & toes crossed that all is okay.
How are YOU going?

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Kato Potato said...

I'm so excited for your scan!! Praying that all goes well and that jelly bean is comfy for a long ride!!! :)

Kristie said...

Praying your scan goes well on Monday!

Unknown said...

Praying for your scan to go well! Good luck!

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