7 weeks + 5 days

Today I met with my NEW obstetrician for the first time. We decided to go with a new doctor AND a new hospital with this baby, because I still have issues with Georgia's special care stay at the previous hospital, and I'd like to have a completely fresh start with Baby #2's birth and care. This OB is one that was recommended to me by friends & is raved about in the local mum community, and is conveniently located 10 minutes down the road, which is awesome. {Same with the hospital - 10 mins vs 30 mins!}

I left hubby with Georgia, since I didn't want to risk the wrath of a cranky baby in a waiting room - right through her nap time. Happy to say that the whole thing went perfectly. The doctor was amazing, made you feel right at ease. He listened to my previous birth experience, asked lots of questions about IVF and spent at least 45 minutes in the appointment with me. Was really nice to not feel rushed at all. His midwife was also in for the appointment and she seemed very sweet too.

We headed over for a look at the baby - just a tummy ultrasound today, so not an internal for a change. First up, I heard the heart beat - such a sweet little sound. 159bpm, and all good, the most beautiful thing to hear. Baby has grown since last week & I'm measuring 7w4-7w5d depending on the scans he took. I'll probably have an internal at Thursday's ultrasound just to confirm, but looks like a March 4th due date. :)

So in love with this little jellybean!

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Megan said...

Oh yay! I love coming over for ICLW multiple months in a row and seeing such awesome news happened between my visits! Congratulations!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Yay! Glad everything continues to go well!

RHMummy said...

Congratulations! How wonderful!

luna said...

I came here from ICLW and it's crazy to see that we are on a very similar schedule-- I will be 7 weeks when I go for my ultrasound this Thursday. We also saw a heartbeat last week for the first time. It is our first IVF pregnancy and it gives me so much hope to see your beautiful daughter! I am still very nervous about a possible miscarriage and I just can't wait to find out a little bit more this week. Wishing you lots of good luck!

Janet said...

Aly, I'm so happy for you! Hoping it is all smooth sailing from here on. xoxo

JB said...

Great news and I'm so happy that you have a good dr. My SIL is due around the exact same time as you!

torthĂșil said...

How beautiful! seeing those first U/S photos and the heartbeat is so magical :-)

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