baby #2: 9 weeks pregnant

How far along? 9 weeks + 1 day pregnant!

How big is baby? This week the baby is growing to the size of a grape or a cocktail olive. Delish!

{Image via BabyCenter}
How I’m feeling? I'm feeling mostly okay. Hopeful, counting the weeks down one day at a time. Hoping that all is well, and starting to hope that this is for real!

How I’m changing? I've started having more trouble going to sleep - which is strange, because I'm really tired. I think I'm overthinking things at night, have to start winding down before I attempt sleep.

Symptoms? The queasiness I thought I was going to get stuck with seems to have died down a bit, which is strange. That was very short lived! (Yes, still early, so crossing fingers & hoping I'm not jinxing myself.) Boobs are still massively tender, and I'm really really bloated and full-feeling all the time.

Cravings? Orange juice, saos with vegemite, anything with potato in it!

Food Aversions? Still finding it hard to pinpoint what I WANT, especially at dinner time. It's a bit of a struggle.

Highlights this week? I found the baby's heartbeat using the doppler for the first time yesterday morning! Was the sweetest sound. I had a really full bladder before using it, so I think that helped amplify things. Recorded it so I can listen and calm down during the next few weeks between appointments. I've also booked the NT scan for the 20th August, so I have some dates to count down to.

The Belly? Oh, the stretch marks. I had a fair few develop over the last few weeks of Georgia's pregnancy, and that's fine - I'm not actually worried about them. But they seem like they're getting shiny again, maybe from all the bloating already, so I hope they'll not go too crazy this second time around.

I'm thinking I might start taking weekly shots from 10 weeks, even though it's all bloat/chubby belly right now!

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

Yay for a heartbeat via the doppler! Glad everything is going well!

Candace said...

Your weekly posts make me so so happy!
I had MAJOR stretch marks with H. I use coconut oil on them and that has worked better than any other product I tried.

JustHeather said...

I'm happy to see another posting weekly updates for their 2nd pregnancy. I just started with mine, but am excited to be posting them. :)

Emilie said...

Cannot wait for belly pics!

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