Fifteen Months

Georgia's had a pretty busy month! She's come with me to plenty of IVF appointments and has been such a good girl. Her daddy came home from a business trip, and she's so, so happy that he's home. I love seeing them together. :)

It is SO hard to get a toddler to stay still, man.
This month Georgia has:
  • Moved into size 1 clothes! Some are still a little big, but she's shot up in length - so we're currently wearing perfect length but baggy waisted pants. Can't believe my baby is in 12-18 month clothes!
  • Cracked the 10kg mark. :) She was 10kg on the nose at her last doctor's appointment.
  • Continued crawling everywhere. She's a pocket rocket, this little girl.
  • Continued cruising furniture and pushing her walker around. She's also figured out how to slide kitchen chairs across the floor.
  • Remained as stubborn as always. If you try to prop her up into a standing position, or try to walk with her/holding her hands up, she crumples her legs & refuses. She'll do this in her own time, it seems.
  • Begun spending more time playing independently, particularly with her Fisher Price Learning House. She'll sit there and open/close the door, post letters, press the doorbell & chatters to herself.
  • Tolerated me putting hoodie jumpers on her for the cold weather, but is still constantly ripping off hats, beanies, socks and shoes.
  • Been sick as a dog. Poor Georgia has had a cold, which turned into an ear infection. She's been downright miserable for the last few weeks & spent the majority of time snuggled up on the sofa with me.
  • A few words that she uses quite regularly now: mum, dad, cat, water. She listens and understands some other things ('have a drink of water, Georgia') but still is mostly babbling in her own little language.
You can see all of Georgia's monthly pictures by clicking here.

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