baby #2: 6 weeks pregnant

How far along? My 'new weeks' start on Mondays - so I'm 6 weeks pregnant.

How big is baby? The baby is tiny, as small as a pea, a lentil or a grain of rice this week. Growing slowly!

{Image via BabyCenter}
How I’m feeling? I'm feeling really nervous. The early weeks of pregnancy are no joke, especially since I feel like I've been pregnant forever - I've known about this baby since I was 3+4 weeks along! I just want to fast forward to an ultrasound confirming that there really is a healthy little baby in my belly.

How I’m changing? I AM SO BLOATED. It's mostly progesterone from the twice-daily pessaries, but I feel like my stomach has already puffed out a great deal. It's a little embarrassing breaking out the stretchy pants before being anywhere near ready to come out to the world! Seriously... my belly looks 20 weeks pregnant already.

What I miss? Absolutely nothing. I am so, so happy. Hoping with everything I have that it continues to go well.

Symptoms? Bloating, cramping, peeing every five minutes. Tender nips, boobs fine. Can sleep at the drop of a hat & am irrationally moody - I go from hot to cold in seconds. My skin has also completely broken out.

Cravings? All I want is crunchy calamari. Seriously - this coming from someone who doesn't eat seafood!

Food Aversions? The smell of hubby cooking scrambled eggs earlier this week was enough to make me feel sick.

Highlights this week? It's another week down! That means there is only 1 more week until that 7 week ultrasound... where we can hopefully get some good news & I can breathe a tiny bit easier. Fingers & toes crossed!

The Belly? No pictures for a while yet, but I am giving it a good cuddle every night before bed. :)

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JB said...

Looking forward to your ultrasound :) I started wearing maternity pants around 7 weeks with this one. Bodies just respond so differently with your 2nd!

Emilie said...

Oh, Aly! I am so looking forward to these weekly recaps. And I am so, so thrilled for you and J and sweet little Georgia. xo

Unknown said...

So happy for you guys xx

Liz Lauren said...

Hi Aly Congrats and good to know that

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