baby #2: 7 weeks pregnant

How far along? Since the dating scan pushed me back two days, Wednesdays are now my 'new week' day. 7 weeks!

How big is baby? The baby is the size of a blueberry. A very, very cute blueberry. :)

{Image via BabyCenter}
How I’m feeling? I feel good, knowing I'm not crazy and that there's a tiny baby in there! Relieved that we saw a heartbeat, so so excited to tackle the coming weeks & expand our little family.

How I’m changing? I feel quite calm now, though I'm sure that this will change soon! Body wise, my boobs feel a little bigger {particularly my left one.. weird} & I'm feeling pretty jiggly.

Symptoms? Still with the bloating & cramping - sometimes it makes me stop and think about it, but mostly it's twinges. My boobs feel quite tender now, my left one really pains me every now & again, which is uncomfortable. Had a big head spinning/dizzy moment a few nights ago that left me lying down.

Cravings? I had my calamari fix last week. Not really sure what I'm feeling like at the moment... but I seem to be drinking an awful lot of juice.

Food Aversions? Nothing major, but the idea of reheating a sausage dish for Georgia's dinner the other day was enough to make me feel pretty sick.

Highlights this week? Seeing that heartbeat flicker, and a teeny tiny baby on the screen. I've also confirmed an OB visit for next week, so that should be interesting.

The Belly? Large and in charge - but all belly, no baby yet!

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Hapa Hopes said...

So very psyched for you!!!! Hooray!!!

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