A Whopping Great Cyst

I have an answer about why my cycle has been so messed up - and typically, it's another worst case scenario.

So, you all know my period has been missing for quite a while now - and we're over two weeks late. Today was CD50. This is not okay for a cycle that's been using Femara + hcg + Provera. Yesterday, my OPK strip got dark & my clearblue test started flashing - what the heck? I called my clinic this morning and begged them to get me in for some bloods, to see if maybe I was ovulating late. Maybe, just maybe, we could potentially squeeze in a FET before our holiday after all!

But nope.

The blood test showed my levels were all over the place. My progesterone was high, but my oestrogen was also high - but I had no ovulating hormones present. The nurse rang me confused, and had me come in for an urgent ultrasound. She was expecting to see a follicle that had sprung up & was maybe needing a little help to release.

Instead, we found a juicy thick uterine lining - and a cyst the size of my ovary, totally swallowing that ovary. After seeing that on the ultrasound, I knew it was all over. I'm to start birth control pills now, and stay on them until after our holiday. There will be no cycle now until March, guaranteed.

More disappointment.

I know that everyone gets tested at some point in their lives. It sure fels like this is our time. It's been one thing after the other, after the others. First the infertility {again}, then the miscarriage, then the second miscarriage, then the failed IVF cycle, and now this.

How much more do we need to go through before it's our turn?

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Emilie said...

This is SO unfair. I know where you are coming from and I agree, we are all tested at different points in our lives. I truly believe we are not handed anything we cannot handle, but good grief, enough is enough! What is the plan now, do you need to investigate the cyst before you can proceed with anything else? Sending massive hugs across the pond. I wish I could give you a real one. Lots of love to you. xo

Miss Navy said...

Oh no!! Will the OCP take care of the cyst or will further intervention be required?

Sounds like your trip to Fiji is well timed. After dealing with this year, you need some R&R. I just hope you can turn your brain off during that time too (I have the same problem, so it's a little pot calling kettle here I'm sure!).

jess said...

I'm sorry. That really sucks.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Oh no!! That seriously sucks.

Will they have to do anything with the cyst or do they leave it alone?

Katelin said...

ugh, I'm so sorry friend. xoxo

Liz said...

Damn, that sucks! I really hope the birth control pills shrink the cyst and that you are a go the next chance you get. Delays are such a bummer!

doahleigh said...

Shit. It's so shitty and unfair. I like to think that, like you said, we all get tested in some way. Hopefully that's true and it means you'll be spared lots of pain in other parts of your life that others will experience. It doesn't make any of this easier or justified though, I know. It just sucks and that's it. I'm so sorry you can't seem to catch a break.

Rebecca said...

Hoping that soon the cyst will be gone. I have a few good sized cysts right now too. They aren't fun. Wishing all the best.

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