I've been having discussions with fellow mum friends lately, about the internet & all that comes with it. I've used this space for such a long time now, it's second nature to share posts without a care in the world. Without it, I wouldn't have met so many of you lovely folks, and some of my closest friends.

It's easy to forget that there's a dark side to the internet, though. That there are people who would use it for malicious purposes, or worse. That there are people reading who might be doing so for the wrong reasons.
With that said, I've decided to go back and edit a few posts about Georgia - not stop sharing her story altogether, but just adjusting things for privacy's sake. If you see a few things change, or a few pictures vanish, you'll know why.
Going forward, I think I'll limit her exposure here a little bit & see how we go.. or I may change the entire blog to being a private one. If I did that, you'd need to contact me, get an invite, and then log in to read - not a lot of work, but I know it may put certain folks off. What are your thoughts on that?

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Megan said...

I totally understand - I had a weird experience recently where a family vacation post was reposted by someone completely randomly. Didn't seem malicious, and they took it down when I asked, but it reminded me that there are plenty of less-than-awesome things that can happen on the internets, especially where info/pictures of kiddos are concerned. If it makes you feel more secure, I'd absolutely log in to be able to keep up with your darling family. :)

Liz said...

I know exactly what you mean as I have some of the same fears. For now I'm not changing anything. I wish there was a way to better protect our images without deleting them.

Britt said...

This was one of the main reasons I stopped blogging. It's definitely a personal thing to wrestle with what you feel comfortable with. I'd log in! :)

Snoskred said...

It has been a while since I've used blogger, but I just did a protected post over on my wordpress blog today for the first time.

It is easy because all people need is a password, which I would have to give them - my other content is still available.

It seems like there are some ways to do this on blogger but they are all super complicated ,involving changing code, etc. Google "password protect blogger posts" and you can see a few different ways it can be done.

Yet another reason to move away from blogger given all the signs Google is providing that they are not very interested in blogging anymore, like closing down google reader, and allowing Feedburner to die.

If you password protect your whole blog, you won't be able to do things like reviews anymore. :( I'd certainly log in, but you'd be cutting off your blogging nose in order to protect some photos from people who shouldn't be able to see them.

Maybe it is possible to make a album which you can password protect instead?

Anonymous said...

When blogs I follow move to password-protected I never follow as I am usually a mostly silent reader (comment only occassionally) and never feel confident enough to ask for a password... -Polly

Anonymous said...

I agree with Polly from above, I've been following you since your weddingbee days, but as another mostly silent reader I aslo never ask for passwords since I feel like I don't actually really know you...if that makes sense :)

Emilie said...

I would completely understand if you did this and wouldn't mind logging in to read at all, but that is because I know you and would not be a stranger on the intertwebs asking to follow your blog. It's tough, especially since you've started to review and receive products on the blog. I wonder if there's a way to still share your family stories without using photos of Georgia, or blur her sweet little face? I think most people who you truly care about seeing photos of her have other means of doing so.
I often wonder how I will feel once we have kids of our own. I read some blogs where photos are shared, except for face/profile shots. It's a tough call to make either way, and sad that we have to think about these things so much!

Rachel said...

Is there a way you could password-protect photos only? Maybe that would be a good compromise?

The pictures of your daughter are adorable, but I am most interested in your writing.

I usually read your blog from my reader and I'm not sure how that works with a password-protected site.

jess said...

I have a blog which I use as a baby book for my children. I only post milestones and the like and never any truly embarrassing stories. I post photos of my kids but never ones of them in the bath.

I turn my blog into a photobook each year and my daughter loves looking through the record of her life. It's nice to have a record of milestones.

I post lots of photos of my kids and if someone wants to use those totally innocent photos for nefarious purposes then there is something seriously wrong with them.

Like Megan I had someone lift one of my photos of my pregnant sister and pretend that it was them. They took it down when asked. They wanted to be pregnant so badly that they pretended it was them.

Also, like others have mentioned above as I don't know you IRL I wouldn't feel comfortable asking for a password.

What is it exactly that you're worried about? I've rationalised any fears I've had over this issues.

Jesa said...

I've wanted to go back to personal blogging, but I haven't yet because all I would post about is Alisza, and I'm not sure it's a great idea to plaster her all over a domain blog, which is the route I'd go. But then I'd have to convert it to a user-only blog, which I'm fine doing, but I feel like not many people would want to make the extra effort to login. =/ So I'm right there with you on this!

(I'd login to read.)

Lindz said...

That's why I went private. It's actually so nice to be able to look back and have documentation of Finn's life. I'd log in, too!

Shannon said...

I'm interested in your more detailed thoughts on this if you're willing to share. I always just think I have such a small readership that I don't worry too much, but I also recognize that's sort of naive. I'd be interested in learning from your experience or thoughts!

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