Parsley Tea & Missing Periods

It's been a week since my last post, and my period is still missing in action. Since then, I've finished a course of Provera & nothing has happened. Nada. Not even a speck of spotting. It's driving me nuts.

Heard of any old wives tales for bringing on a period? Well, you name it & I bet I've tried it. Hot baths, white undies, running up & down stairs, cranberry juice, mangos & oranges, vitamin C supplements.. the list goes on.

I even brought out the big guns and tried parsley tea. I have friends who swear by it, and a few searches online brought up repeated websites advocating its use to bring about a missing period. Worth a shot, right?

The idea is pretty simple: chop up a whole bunch of fresh parsley, fill with hot water & steep - the longer the better. I do mine in the morning, and it makes about 1L of parsley tea, which I strain & then drink a cup of every few hours.

In case you were wondering, it tastes like complete arse.

I'm not a big fan of parsley at the best of time, other than a little seasoning... but let me tell you, after chugging this nonsense for the past two days, just the whiff of parsley will send me running for fresh air.

I've even tried it using dried flakes of parsley, which was just plain nasty.. and a LOT spicier than fresh.

I have a routine down pat now. First off... you need your glass ready to go, and a separate glass filled with cranberry juice - why? It's the only other beverage that seems to get rid of the parsley taste after you've had your tea. I hold my nose, chug down a few gulps, then grab a swig of cranberry. Rinse and repeat until you're done.

If nothing else, I guess parsley tea is good for your body.. but seriously.. I just need a freaking period.

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Liz said...

I tried the tea once and I don't think it helped me. I actually brewed some regular tea and added chopped parsley. Hope it works for you!

Unknown said...

Ugh - sounds horrible!

I'm hoping I don't have to do the same. I'm also waiting for day one so we can start our next round of IVF. Due any day now, so hopefully it happens this weekend or I'll also be on the Provera and (maybe?) parsley tea too.

Good luck - hope yours arrives soon so you can stop chugging arse tea! :)

Journeywoman said...

I know this is ass-vice, but I'm adding it anyway.

I have this skirt.

It's beige. Or it was. It also has a REALLY dark stain in a place where you don't want a stain. I call it my "bring it on" skirt. I wear it under a longer skirt but believe it or not it works--most of the time.

Sorry about the tea.

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