FET #3 - Stimming for OI

Things are still up in the air. I've been jabbing for a week now, and have had two blood tests in that time.

{If you're new to these parts, I'm doing an OI/FET cycle right now.}

On Friday, after 5 days of jabbing, the nurse told me the levels were 'low' and that if they hadn't shown a surge starting by Monday, we'd likely have to increase the Gonal-F dosage. Today, after 7 days of jabbing, the nurse told me that the levels were STILL 'low' (E2 was 131) and to increase the jab dosage from 50 to 75. We'll leave it a few days and then check the bloods again this coming Thursday.

I am FREAKING out.

It's CD10... and I'm nowhere near surging. We leave in 16 days. We'll need to leave 5-7 days for transfer, from trigger/ovulation... so the clock is really ticking here.

Please body, give us this miracle cycle. Pleasepleaseplease.

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Liz said...

Hoping the increase of meds helps and that your body gets the memo to get with the schedule!! Thinking of you...

Rebecca said...

Can they offer you a patch to supplement the gonal f? I never did the gonal f at all with either of my FETs. I did only the patch.

Unknown said...

Praying for your little miracle cycle!!

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