FET #3 - Up In The Air

Today's bloods didn't go too great. I got a text from the clinic saying that the hormones are still low, and to continue on the increased 75 dose over the weekend, and then more bloods on Monday.

Obviously that doesn't bode well for us... so I rang the clinic and left a message, because I've been freaking out about this timeline since the get go. A nurse rang me back and I had a bit of a meltdown - she explained that there is no set time for all of this, and it would take as long as it would take.

She could tell I was anxious though, and I explained that it wouldn't normally bother me so much, except for this whole time-frame thing. She tweaked a few things and will get me in Monday morning for an ultrasound first thing, so that we can get a better picture about what's going on in there.

If I have a promising follicle, they might boost the drugs & do our best to get to trigger phase. (Which would have to be by Thursday at the latest, in order to grow out to a 5 day transfer, all going well.) If I have another cyst, or if there are no signs that the FSH drugs are working, we might cancel altogether. It's going to be a wait & see approach, that's for sure.

Still hoping for a miracle, but I've gotta say... my hope is wearing a little thin right now.

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Liz said...

You must be so frustrated. I'm sorry your body isn't cooperating.

Unknown said...

Hoping for everything to go to plan on Monday!

Emilie said...

Oh, Aly. This has got to be so nerve wracking on it's own but to add the pressure of a strict timeline must make it even worse. I know there's not much I can say to make this any better, so I'm crossing my fingers like hell that everything falls into place on time and you can enjoy your upcoming holiday. xoxo

Rebecca said...

Hoping for only good things.

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