White Soda Swimwear: A Review

You guys, it has been HOT down here!

We've been plague by colds and sniffles and body aches over the last few weeks, but thankfully are on the mend now -- so it was perfect timing when we received a special package from White Soda just before Christmas.

It contained the most gorgeous swimwear pieces for Georgia - check these babies out! We're going to Fiji next month (!) and of course they'll be coming along with us... but we couldn't wait to test them out in the meantime.

First up, the Pink Lemonade Daisies Rash Top & Swim Nappy set. I love the rash shirts, since they offer that little bit more sun protection - and the daisy pattern is really simple and sweet.

Georgia loved running around the yard in this two-piece. The rash top is a size 2 and still has lots of room for growing. I was a little worried at first, as the swim nappy was a size 1 - but it's a VERY generous fit, and actually still a little baggy. 

This was the first time Georgia had used her sand & water activity table that she got as a Christmas present, and she was having a good time splashing around with it. Spencer couldn't help but join in. :)
And next, in all of its navy blue sweetness, the Soft Navy Heart Print One Piece.
This was a size 3, and I was a little apprehensive about how it would fit her. Surprisingly, it fit okay! I did have to adjust the straps, which were very easy to adapt to her level. And... it has a ruffle butt. :)
We decided to test out another new pool & Georgia wasted no time jumping in and getting herself completely drenched!
This kid is definitely a water baby - and she loved her new swimming costume!
So now that she's worn all of the pieces, I feel comfortable sharing my verdict with you all:
  • I love, love, love the fact that they're all UPF 50+ sun resistant, it makes me feel comfortable that she's being sun smart - and thankfully, with us having a giant outdoor sun umbrella to add extra shade, as well as lots of sunscreen, we're pretty set up in our yard. As for getting her to wear hats... well, that's another story. We're working on it!
  • The cossies all held up well in the wash - and the brand assures that they won't fade or stretch. They're also chlorine resistant, which will be good when we're off on holidays next month.
  • You're able to mix and match pieces, and there are plenty of designs to choose from on their website. I like the idea of swapping a short or a long sleeved rash shirt to go with the swim nappy/bikini bottom - or adding a rash shirt over the top of a one piece.
  • The sizing is a little variable, since we sampled sizes 1, 2 and 3 - and all fit in a variety of ways. The swim nappy we received seems to be the largest size available, so I'm envisioning it being a slightly larger make to suit toddlers who aren't yet toilet trained. Since Georgia is still wearing mostly size 1 clothing in everyday wear, and the 2 & 3 White Soda pieces fit her, I'd be favouring purchasing a larger size, just in case.
  • Hubby and I both agree - they are pretty flippin' adorable.
Breathe Gently was provided with complimentary swimwear pieces from White Soda via Piccolo PR - all reviews are my own. If you are interested in a product review appearing on Breathe Gently, please email me.

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~Kathryn~ said...

She looks gorgeous - i love the idea of the mix and match piece
lovely that you got to try some !

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