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The way that I shop has definitely changed since becoming a Mum myself. Before that, it was all about the cutest and most frilly presents - but now, I'm all about the practical things that will go the distance. Some of my favourite gifts for Georgia over the years have been in the form of educational resources, gender-neutral toys & activity/experiences. As always though, the thought is what's important - the gifts themselves are just a bonus.


Kids can be incredibly difficult to buy for. They always want the latest toys, and then six months down the track, they will usually grow tired of the gift. Luckily, there are websites out there such as Personalised Favours that have a range of unique and interesting gift ideas to help you find something they’ll love on the day they receive it and for years to come. However, there are plenty of fantastic ideas out there for gifts that are sure to prove popular with the kids. Here are 5 unique gifts for kids.

1. Books

It’s a popular opinion that printed books are dying out, replaced by e-readers and audio books. However, there’s nothing quite like the printed word; books can still provide hours of entertainment and knowledge for kids. New books are printed every day & there is a huge range out there catering for any interest your child may have. Finding a book on fashion design or bug collecting or even a customised book that uses your child’s own name in the story will please almost any child of reading age.

2. Board games and puzzles

An even more nostalgic choice for parents is to purchase various board games and puzzles for their children. Kids will love old favourites like snakes and ladders, monopoly and cluedo, and parents will enjoy playing with them, too. Board games can also have various cognitive and mental benefits on a child’s development. They also promote interaction and teamwork amongst children.
Some goodies from Georgia's 2nd birthday - her favourites were the puzzles and felt/wooden toys!

3. Sports gear

Fresh air and activity is important for children, so why not give them a variety of sports gear in order to get them outside and playing. Various balls, racquets, ropes and other toys can be given to multiple children to encourage them to play together. Once they get older, sports lessons can be given as gifts, encouraging kids to form teams and play or compete in various leagues.

4. Art supplies

Why not encourage your child’s natural creativity by giving them various papers, pens, pencils and other art supplies as a gift. Let them draw and create to their heart’s content. This can provide hours of enjoyment for the child and allow them to develop and explore their creative side.

5. A bank account

Children growing up in the 21st century will face a lot more expenses in their early years than most others in previous decades. Why not set up a bank account for them in which you can deposit money to pay for sports or music lessons, university or a car. This is a great gift for a child as it can slowly grow and provide for their future.

Purchasing gifts for children can be difficult and stressful; however, it doesn’t need to be. Buying gifts that can provide some educational benefit to the child can prove popular. Books and board games are nostalgic favourites that will still provide hours of entertainment. Sports gear is a fantastic idea if you want to get children outdoors and active. Art supplies are also great, particularly in developing your child’s creative side. A bank account for them is a great ongoing gift for the future.

What unique gifts do you give your kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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Kathryn said...

having a daughter with an unusual name ... i love being able to get personalised gifts

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