Post Retrieval Ramblings

It's now four days past egg retrieval, and I am in massive discomfort.

Usually the pain gets a little better each day - this time, I'd say it's still just as uncomfortable as yesterday, or the day before. I'm bloated, I am really sensitive and tender around my pelvic region, it still hurts using the bathroom, and sometimes the pain radiates around to my sides/back. I've also lost a lot of my appetite, which then leaves me feeling nauseas.

I've done all the usual things just in case, so loads of protein snacks, gatorade & hydrolyte.

If it's OHSS, it's only a mild case.. which makes me grateful that I've never had the full-blown culprit, because I can only imagine how excruciating that must be.

The clinic has me popping in at 11am today to check me out - but I've had no temperatures, which is what they were most concerned about. I guess we'll see what they say.

Update: So this morning's scan showed super enlarged ovaries with still-large follicles, and that I have been bleeding into my ovaries from the egg retrieval. I also have some free fluid, but not enough to concern them with a drain - but it accounts for the discomfort and pressure. The verdict is to just keep on doing what I'm doing with pain medication and resting, and to go to the ER if the bloating/pain gets worse instead of better. They also took some bloods & urine to check for any other infections, but won't know results for a little while. At least I know there was definitely something not right, as I was worried I was being a hypochondriac or a wimp. Resting it is!

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Chon said...

I think we can hashtag this one #cyclefromhell

I hope you are going ok and I hope the pain subsides


Liz said...

Take care of yourself. Ohss is no joke!

dubliner in Deutschland said...

yikes, that sounds quite scary. Hopefully it will clear up and get better by itself so that you won't need to go to hospital.

Jess said...

I'm so sorry this is happening! You need to catch a damn break. Hope you feel better soon.

Feisty Harriet said...

I am a firm believer that experiencing pain in one's ladyparts cannot ever be considered as any kind of "wimpiness." YOUR LADY BUSINESS SHOULD NOT BE PAINFUL!!! I, for one, will sympathize with any and all lady pains, no disclaimers or apologies required.

Hugs and gentle hair pats to you, my dear.


ADSchill said...

I'm so sorry you are experiencing all of this pain and frustration. This IF and treatment business is NO joke. You are a warrior my dear. I hope you feel more comfortable soon and that you got some good embryos from this hell.

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