What's Next?

I've just about finished my active birth control pill 'rest' cycle - so it's time to start thinking ahead.

To give you a quick refresher, since our most recent stim cycle ended in a slight case of déjà vu (good scans, good follicles, insanely high progesterone resulting in all embryos being frozen with no transfer), we've been waiting around. In the meantime, I started back on the pill to calm my body down, after a post-retrieval scan showed a mild case of OHSS and bleeding into the ovaries & we began the procedure of swapping fertility clinics, and transporting our frozen embryos to their new home.

When I type it out like that, that's a lot of stuff that we've accomplished in the last few weeks - although it's been paired with my arch nemesis; waiting.

So, what's the plan going forward?

Well, it'll be our first cycle with our new clinic, so that's put a little bit of excitement back into us both. The plan is that we'll do a FET using our embryos that we've moved there - if you remember back, we have 8 day 1 embryos on ice. Obviously being day 1, that doesn't tell us very much (and we didn't have much success with thawing/growing our last batch of day 1's - part of the reason why we have since changed clinics) about how many we'll eventually have to transfer over the coming months.

Our new clinic has agreed to grow out ALL of these embryos for us during this first FET, which is what we want, and transfer the best blastocyst, should we get at least one healthy one there. Any extras could potentially be refrozen at later-stage embryos *if* the quality is still there. As for the protocol, we're going back to a HRT cycle using progynova (oestrogen) and endometrin (progesterone) - so no more stressing about making this dud body of mine ovulate, if we don't have to.

And that's as much as I know for now - the nitty gritty details will come during the cycle, so we have to wait and see.

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~Mum~ said...

so excited
I just feel good about this ... maybe not the day 1 frozen ... but the future with this clinic .... sending lots of good vibes your way xooxoxoxo
love you all

WhiteKhocolate said...

Fingers crossed for you in this new stage of the journey! Hope that the partnership you build with the new clinic has awesome, amazing results =) Sending you clear, vibrant thoughts and good wishes!

Jess said...

Everything crossed that the new clinic turns out to be great and you guys get great results!

Feisty Harriet said...

Science is amazing, truly. I just...for some reason I am gobsmacked at how AMAZING this whole process is, and that the end result can be a bouncing, giggly little bebe.


Shannon said...

This sounds like great progress after so much frustration. I hope it all brings the best things!

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