You and Me: The Boys Take It Easy

While the girls were in a flurry of activity all morning, the guys had a lazy start to the wedding day. Casual clothes and a few rounds of pool? I kind of wish we'd gotten ready here too!

My dad drove over from the hotel to Jason's parents home to deliver the button-holes and corsage for his mother.  I love how they're all peering into the box to figure out who's is who... and how to put them on, of course.

My dad also arrived to orchestrate the gift swap between Jase and myself. After dropping off Jason's gift, he hoofed it back across town to our hotel room... except he forgot something. My present!

Jase quickly called my dad to come back and pick up the parcel, before proceeding to open the card and present I'd chosen for him.

I'd chosen a new watch for him - one that was a little more formal and would be perfect for the wedding day and for special occasions.

With the flowers on hand and gifts exchanged, it was time for the boys to suit up!

All photographs by the team at Follan Photography unless otherwise noted.

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Fuzzy Cert said...

you didn't put up the photo of J checking the price tag on the card! ahahaha. gold.

Katelin said...

i got matt a nice watch too, it's such a great gift. love the one you picked out :)

audrey said...

Boys have it so easy, don't they? Though I can't say I envy them. I love all the pampering we get to do!

Also totally love the pic of the rings on the pool balls.

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