Day 7 Stimming Levels

So a different nurse rang to speak with me - ended up getting me completely mixed up with someone else, and completely confused me. She was asking whether my husband would still be coming in early to freeze his semen sample before the egg collection; I was like, what? He's definitely coming with me on the day!

Anyway, while I had her on the phone, I asked if she'd mind getting my levels for me.

She said that my Estradiol was 929 and Progesterone staying steady at 2.2

The nurse said those levels are quite good, considering they've put me on such a low dose of Puregon because of my PCOS. They'll do the test again tomorrow, and if my e2 levels rise by a ridiculous amount, I may need to have my monitoring ultrasound Saturday instead of Monday. We'll see how tomorrow goes, I suppose.

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