grab 'n stab: Day 9

Bruises and pin-pricks - that's my body right now.

I hardly even blink at the injections anymore. We're sort of at the tail end of it now, so I'm just going through the motions. Today saw me head back to the clinic in the wee hours of the morning for another blood draw. It was packed! Friday must be a busy day in fertility world.

It was a different lab technician today, but she struggled too. I had drank a whole stack of water to help with the process, but she still found no available veins in my left arm, left hand, or right hand. She had a go around in my right vein a few times, but no luck. She tried a little lower down - nada. Finally, she went in on the side of my arm (apologising all the while, since it was a tiny vein and it hurt) and got enough for the one vial.

Lucky for me, that was all they needed.

I wish I knew why I had such difficult veins. It's awful.

Anyway... if all stays the same, we've got the big reveal-all ultrasound (& more bloods - joy!) on Monday morning. I'm praying they see 10 follicles. If I can get 10 follicles (& eggs, if we're lucky) I will be a happy lady.

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DandelionBreeze said...

FXd for you... and your overies :) Grow follies grow :)) xoxo

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Throughout this infertility journey I am so thankful that I have large and easy to find veins because it feels like they will end up with pints and pints of our blood by the time we are finished with our journey! I'm sorry that you have problem veins- but drinking water should help the nurses find your vein.

GO follicles!!!

Audrey said...

Fingers and toes and everything else crossed for you. Hope you get GREAT news on Monday!

Hapa Hopes said...

You are the most patient woman ever. I would completely lose it if I had to wait for a scan!

All appendages crossed for Monday!!!

Kristin said...

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