Grab 'n Stab: Day 8

Chug, chug, chug.. just going through the motions and hoping things are going as they should be.

I had my first blood test done yesterday. The guy was hopeless & didn't take blood from the easiest spot {the crook of my elbow} and ouch, am I bruised. I'm tempted to make them try the other arm tomorrow, because it's so sore right now. My clinic has a policy where they don't check follicle size until after several blood tests when estrogen levels rise enough to predict growth, so all it's blood tests for now. I asked the nurse yesterday whether he could put a request in that I find out the results, just because I'm curious for my first go around, and he said okay.

Well, the phone didn't ring.

I've just left a message this morning though, and a nurse is going to ring me back so that I can ask her about the blood test results and see how things are looking. I'm assuming that no news is good news, as I don't need to adjust my dose of Puregon, but still... I want to KNOW. I won't have any idea about how many follies I have {or their size} until Monday's ultrasound & bloods. So frustrating. I almost WISH they did more ultrasounds, just so I had a vague idea of whether this cycle was working for me. I'll be crushed if there's a really poor reaction to the stimming drugs.

It's strange, but I actually don't mind the injections. Dare I say, giving them to myself makes me feel like I'm doing something, something that's useful, that's hopefully getting me somewhere. The nasal spray, as evil as it is, can jump off a bridge for all I care. I get that it's important, that it keeps me from ovulating, but omg, I really wish they could've flavoured it or something. Bubblegum, or cherry, anything. Synarel tastes like liquid crap.

As far as symptoms go, I'm so freaking bloated. I couldn't zip jeans up yesterday, and even squeezing into a regular old zip skirt felt uncomfortable. I ended up buying some leggings and an elastic waist skirt yesterday, because it is so uncomfortable to squeeze into my regular clothes. Not only that, my belly is quite tender at the injection sites, so any kind of pressure on it feels terrible.

Honestly, the bloat I was sporting yesterday {even with loads of water and liquids} looked like a preggo belly. How embarrassing to be an infertile who LOOKS like she's with child. Bah humbug.

Update: The nurse just rang me - didn't give me levels, but told me that my hormones were where they should be, that everything is looking good & that there's no change to my dosage. That's a good sign, I guess?

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Hannah said...

Oh, I am sorry you are having to go through this but pleased for you that your levels seem to be on track. I am checking in every few days to see how you are going and absolutely have my fingers crossed for you ♥

heidikins said...

I get what you mean when you say that at least giving yourself the injections makes you feel like you are doing something. You know, something more than the unending doctors appointments and tests and theories and new doctors and new tests and more theories.


Hapa Hopes said...

Totally with you on the shots making you feel like you're being proactive. All appendages are crossed!

CBrain said...

I feel like I'm doing something but just getting tests done. I'm a few steps behind you in the TTC journey but I'm learning where I might be headed. Thanks.

DandelionBreeze said...

Glad they rang you with an update... I always prefer to know too and agree that injections make it feel as though we're doing something :) FXd for you for your US appt... great that it's all looking on track :)) xo

terra said...

I'm glad they're keeping you updated. Maybe as your body adjusts to all this the bloat will go down? It all sounds pretty miserable, but I'm glad you're feeling like you're doing something. I think that's important.

Cady said...

I'm surprised they don't do more ultrasounds. My clinic did them often -- though I can't remember how many I had -- to make sure they were all growing together and there wasn't a dominant follicle.

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