In Seven Weeks...

Anyone who knows me at all, will know how long I've wanted a dog. I grew up with dogs, and have always wanted one of my own.The puppy plan went out the window when we moved to the UK. In the meantime, we adopted our two sweet kitties. I adore them and wouldn't change our decision to be a kitty mama for anything.

But, it's almost time. The house is looking more lived in now, and we finally, FINALLY have grass laid on our block. The fencing has been finished and the landscaping is in its final stages.
So this morning, we went to see these little guys:
Say hello to a lovely litter of 6 day old Golden Retriever puppies! Yes, we'll be adopted a little man of our own in just seven weeks time. I am so excited, I've been bouncing up and down all day and trying to figure out the right name to use. (It has to match Oscar and Evie, of course.) It's finally happening - we're getting our dog!
This time frame, while agonisingly far away at the moment, is probably a good thing. You see, our IVF cycle (all going well, of course) should hopefully see retrieval & transfer happening at the end of April/beginning of May. That means.... our possibility of BFN will be mid-May. 
We'll pick our puppy up at the end of May (on Jason's birthday!) so if things don't work out on the IVF front this time around, I'll still have something to look forward to. Something so, so incredible. Sure, puppies are cute - but I can't wait for the 'big dog' stage, where we can go for walks together. Hurry up, May!

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Amanda said...

Ahh! So cute - congrats! Can't wait to see more photos once you actually get the puppy! :)

Nellie @ Our Wired Lives said...

oh yay! So many exciting changes to the family. Congrats!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Yay for a new puppy! Our puppy has been a great way to keep our mind off TTC. Can't wait to see the puppy you guys come home with! :-)

Elle Vee said...

Awww so excited for you! Puppies are the best, and gold retrievers are so so so cute!! x

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