Ready for Egg Collection

Let me preface this picture by saying the following: Yes, that's a pee stick. No, I'm not pregnant.

I do find it a little sad that the first time I get two pink lines on a pregnancy test is thanks to synthetic hormones. I decided to 'test' out the trigger injection that I took last night, and even on an el cheapo stick, it worked. Apparently this hormone tends to stay in your system for a while after it's injected. I think after we get to transfer stage, I'll check it every other day until I know for sure that it's gone.

Anyway... we're good to go for tomorrow morning. I'm nervous as all heck, scared of it hurting, terrified of not having any eggs - terrified of it not working, or something going wrong. But at the same time, I'm ready. I'm done with this part of our first IVF - I want to do something. I want to be in a TWW, even if the chances of it resulting in a BFP the first time are slim to none. (I don't tend to do those kinds of odds very well.)

And what perfect timing to receive a parcel from the lovely Sarah (aka Mrs Green Grass) in the mail. My very own pair of IVF socks, all the way from America. I'm taking these with me, as well as a fertility crystal a colleague gave me a few days ago, and a gorgeous turtle necklace {to symbolise family} from my BFF.

Surely with all of those good omens, we're in good hands?

**Evie cat not to scale.**
See you on the flip side, hopefully with some positive news. And make sure you send load of love and eggy vibes to Mrs GG & Hapa Hopes who are having their retrievals soon, too.

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Hi said...

fingers crossed for you guys! <3

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I gave you a blog award today!

Elley @ Up Above The World So High said...

Fingers and toes crossed and praying, praying, praying!!!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Sending many good thoughts your way for the retrieval (acetaminophen and loads of time under the heating pad helped me survive) and the meeting of the lady and manly bits in their lovely swimming pool.

katery said...

good luck on your retrieval, it sounds as though you've got a good number of eggs!

One and Done? said...

Hi, here from ICLW - good luck with the retrieval!

Angela Noelle said...

Thinking of you and hoping for the best--it only takes one! Out of my ten, we only had two good fertilized ones and that's all we ended up needing! My fingers are crossed super tight for you.

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