20 weeks + 3 days

Tired, joyful, tired, joyful.
We're into the second half of this pregnancy and I couldn't be happier about it. Baby is starting to move a little more, though only faintly and only noticeable when I'm calm and still. I use my doppler a lot less now, but it's still reassuring to hear her heart beating loud and strong every now and again. Work is tiring, though.
I'm obviously pregnant now, and the comments are starting. 'When are you due'? 'Wow, you've popped.' 'How far along are you?' I do feel quite large for the halfway point, but I'm not worried - I'm being healthy, I'm moving everyday, and I take it as a good sign that the baby is growing. If it means appreciating every jiggle and every stretch mark, consider it done. 
I had my first leg cramp a few nights ago - my whole left calf seized up when lying in bed and it was absolutely agonising. Nothing I did could shake it, stretching didn't work; it eventually let up on its own. But here we are, four days later, and my left calf is still rock hard and tender. Yowch! I've heard bananas can help, but I've had at least one a day for the past few months. I suppose it can't hurt to keep chowing down on them.
Unfortunately, we had some sad news this week too - my nanna {who is one hell of a lady} has found out her breast cancer has returned. She went through a mastectomy last year, as well as a high dose batch of radiation, and now... it's back. I'm gutted for her. Anyone who meets my nan falls in love with her, she's such a 'nice' person - a genuinely lovely lady. She's had some big decisions to make this week about what she's planning on doing with the cancer this time around, and has decided to have a second surgery early in the new year - talk about brave. Apparently she wants to fight her butt off, so that she can be here for my brother's wedding in March & our baby's arrival in April. There is nothing I want more in the world than for my daughter to meet her great-nanna. 
We have our 20+4 week OB visit tomorrow, which I'm hoping is mostly uneventful. Wish us luck! :)

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Novella said...

xox sorry to hear about your nan - I hope her fighting spirit helps her win the battle. Good luck for an easy, breezy OB appointment!

Our Wired Lives said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your nanna! She does sound like a brave woman. Good luck with the appointment tomorrow.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I'm sorry to hear about your nan. Hopefully the second time around kicking cancer's A** is easier!

Jen said...

Sorry to hear the sad news. :(

It's actually a calcium deficiency, not potassium! My husband and I both heard the same thing - leg cramps are prevented by eating bananas for the potassium. However, he learned in dental school of all places, that drinking milk (or otherwise increasing calcium intake), should prevent the cramps. I've also forced myself to stand on the leg, and it's helped stop it...

dspence said...

I'm so sorry to hear bout your nan!

My ob recommended tonic water with quinine at bed to prevent those leg cramps. Serve it over plenty of ice, adding a squeeze of lime and/or a touch of splenda if you need it.

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