The Weekly Run-Down: 23

How Far Along: We just hit 23 weeks yesterday - MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU GUYS!
Size of baby: We are back to confusing measurements this week. Isn't a grapefruit smaller than a rockmelon or a papaya, or even a mango? Another website says as long as a bunch of spring onions.

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

Billions of brain cells will develop in your baby's brain over the next couple of weeks. These will control all of your baby's movements and sensory, and basic life functions like breathing. Also around this time, some major changes are happening with your baby's lungs. Surfactant is being produced, a substance that enables the air sacs to inflate and the lungs to fully expand. Right now he's still breathing amniotic fluid, but when he's born he'll be ready for air.

Total Weight Gain: I've gained over 1kg this past week - huge.

Sleep: It's been really hot at night, so I'm not really enjoying sleeping unless I have the fan blowing right on me.

Symptoms: More cramping this week, and a very itchy belly.

Cravings: Haven't craved much of anything, to be honest. Just your average holiday goodies.


Movement: I started worrying the other day, because I wasn't getting as much movement from her. She's still giving me the occasional good boot - but still very sporadically.

Maternity Clothes: Even more dresses.

Milestones: I finished work for the year - and for a good year at least! Hubby also felt baby move - twice.

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing family over Christmas, hiding out indoors from the heat, and hopefully getting to assemble our nursery furniture soon. Also - one more week until viability!!!

The belly: Lots of comments on it this week, especially from family and friends who hadn't seen me in a while.

\You can catch up on my weekly pregnancy updates {in reverse order} by clicking here. For bump shots - go here!
It's already Christmas morning in Australia - wishing you all happy holidays. Thanks for sharing this with me!

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Court said...

Merry Christmas! You look great! :)

Marie said...

Merry Christmas! You look absolutely beautiful. Here in the Philippines old folks would insist (even before ultrasound) that if you are look beautiful while pregnant, you are going to have a girl!

dspence said...

What a wonderful gift this Christmas! I've really been enjoying following your journey the past few months.

Azara said...

I recall movement being really sporadic around this time with both my son and daughter. Always good to keep an eye on, but I think it's normal at this stage for it to really come and go. A few weeks later it's constant.

Your "it's still a girl!" comment made me laugh. We got a 3D ultrasound with a DVD of the session and pictures for both pregnancies. I remember my husband whispering around 8 months, "What if they made a mistake and she's not a girl after all?" and me rolling my eyes and saying, "do we need to go back through that section of the DVD? Because it was pretty clear those were girl parts!"

Not that it doesn't happen, but with 3D u/s pictures and video at 20+ weeks, it would be awfully difficult to mix up the two.

Azara said...

Forgot to say I'm visiting from ICLW :)

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